Suffolk County Council: Row after leader’s blog tells Andrea Hill it’s time to go

SUFFOLK: A row has erupted between a senior politician and Andrea Hill following a blog calling for the Suffolk’s �218,000 a year chief executive to go, I can reveal today.

Opposition leader Kathy Pollard wrote a blog in which she said the county council’s chief Andrea Hill had become an object of hate on the streets of Suffolk and added “if I were her I’d get out before I was pushed.”

At a meeting Mrs Hill and Mrs Pollard had a “forthright” discussion about the blog, which resulted in Mrs Pollard saying that their relationship had “irretrievably broken down.”

The county’s communications department did not want to comment on what was seen as a “political” attack on the chief executive.

However, the Conservative administration said it was wrong for a politician to attack a council officer who was not in a position to answer back.

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