Suffolk dangerous driver figures

POLICE today vowed to crackdown on speeders and other dangerous drivers as monthly figures reveal the numbers refusing to drive safe.

POLICE today vowed to crackdown on speeders and other dangerous drivers as new figures revealed the numbers refusing to drive safe.

Statistics from August show 464 people were stopped by Suffolk police and fined for speeding, 219 for using mobile phones while driving, 271 for failing to wear a seatbelt and 88 were arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

Chief inspector Martin Barnes-Smith said: “We want to see a reduction in the number of casualties on our roads, so remember to belt up, slow down, don't drink drive or use your mobile phone, and throughout winter please take extra care and every precaution you can to stay safe on our roads.”

The crackdown on law-breaking drivers is combined with a campaign urging motorists to be alert in winter conditions.

Dark days and bad weather conditions lead to a surge in road accidents.

The Evening Star has campaigned for drivers to take extra care, urging them to wear seatbelts, not to use mobile phones and to use their lights.

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Ch Insp Barnes-Smith said: “The onset of winter and the turning back of the clocks in just a couple of weeks time will unfortunately mean more accidents on our roads.

“It is inevitable that the cold weather will make driving more hazardous, but there are a few simple precautions that any driver can take.”

Police advice includes not doing journeys when it is icy, taking a fully charged mobile phone and emergency clothing and warm drinks when out and making sure your vehicle has well-maintained lights and tyres and de-icer on board.

People are also urged to allow more time for journeys and to stop en-route, as winter driving can be demanding.

When weather conditions and visibility are poor, drivers are told to slow down and use dipped headlights.

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