Anti-Brexit bus draws crowds with provocative message

The bus visited Ipswich with a provocative slogan about Brexit. Picture: RICHARD HARE

The bus visited Ipswich with a provocative slogan about Brexit. Picture: RICHARD HARE - Credit: Archant

A bus with the slogan “B******** to Brexit” visited Ipswich in the bid to raise support a second referendum.

The bus was parked outside Crown House on Thursday, December 20, where it was visited by members from Suffolk EU Alliance, as well as members of the public.

There was a mixed response to the bus, which states that Brexit is not a done deal, with cars honking their horns with approval and some stopping to argue against the bus’ message.

Richard Hare, Suffolk EU Alliance spokesman, said: “There were a few people dissenting, including a well-known heckler, but generally the response was good.

“Nothing nearly as bad as what happened in Durham where the bus was attacked by Brexit supporters.

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“The threat of rioting is an indictment of a sector of the people and the distinctly unsettling politicians behind Brexit.”

The bus will now continue on its tour the country supported by it’s occupants.

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Suffolk EU Alliance chairman Julia Ewart said: “With Brexit looming we must consider how this landscape will change once our indigenous agri-industries are swept away in the wake of surplus dumping of cheap farm produce, most notably from America.

“Particularly worrying is Mr Gove’s vision - he puts great emphasis on the environment - which is good - but there’s scant mention of commercial agriculture survival.”

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