Suffolk: Good year predicted for Amy Winehouse and David Cameron

IPSWICH: Britain’s biggest mysteries solved, a move towards world peace and a new face in the dugout at Portman Road.

These are just some of the predictions for the year ahead, made by renowned Ipswich psychic forecaster Sue Knock.

The celebrated medium found international recognition last summer when she correctly predicted Ghana’s remarkable progress in the World Cup.

And that wasn’t her only accurate prophecy... she uncannily foresaw the volcanic eruptions in Iceland and the recent earthquake in northern England.

But this year’s predictions could be even more astounding if proved right.

Sue, who says her gift comes from channelling spirit guides, predicts a rift in the coalition government this year, which will ultimately see prime minister David Cameron win parliamentary bragging rights.

“The next six months are going to be rough,” said Sue. “But I feel David Cameron will hang on like a terrier to a trouser leg.”

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Sue also believes the state will loosen its purse strings to invest in health care, particularly in the field of sight, where she predicts a revolutionary medical breakthrough.

On matters Ipswich Town-related, Sue thinks an extra pair of hands will be the solution to a forgettable season.

“They need two managers,” she said. “I see one as being well established in football and aged in his 50s or 60s.

“The only way for Ipswich Town to rise, as they will do in time, is to have a manager and a deputy – someone who has given their life to football.”

However, Sue would not be drawn on whether Roy Keane would be a part of the dynamic duo.

One thing she could be sure of was an “unusual” spell of weather during April or May.

In August, Sue predicts an international conflict will be resolved through negotiation.

She said: “Talking will bring a peaceful end to conflict. The world will see that this negotiation could be the key to peace.”

Sue’s other predictions include the uncovering of information which may solve the on-going mysteries surrounding the fate of kidnapped horse Shergar and missing peer Lord Lucan.

Elsewhere, in the entertainment world, Sue sees Amy Winehouse making a comeback with a “powerful” song and maybe even a Hollywood film role.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Sue’s predictions throughout 2011 to see if they prove as accurate as last year.

Sue is currently raising money for the Town Kids Trust charity.

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