Suffolk: Grieving mum backs Star’s drink-driving campaign

Today we are launching The Evening Star’s anti-drink drive campaign in a bid to prevent fatalities or injuries on our roads.

As part of the campaign, we will be covering all the drink-driving related cases at Ipswich magistrates court which concern motorists caught between December 1 and January 1.

Jayne Jones, who lost her 20-year-old son Aiden, of Orwell Road, Stowmarket, when he was killed by a motorist who was twice the legal alcohol limit, tells of her family’s suffering to highlight the dangers of drink driving.

She said: “On May 1, 2009 our precious son and brother Aiden was tragically taken from us by a selfish drink-driver.

“Aiden was only 20 – just three weeks away from his 21st birthday, a milestone in his life that we were unable to celebrate with him.

“Six weeks after Aiden’s death his brother Steve married, something that Aiden had been so looking forward to as he was to have been one of the best men. It was a very difficult time for all of us with that special person missing.

“Most people look forward to the weekend, but personally I hate it as Fridays always remind me of the day Aiden died, and Saturdays will always stick in the mind as the day that we had to identify his body – something that no parent should ever have to do.

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“Aiden was only 20, but knew that it was wrong to drink and drive. He would always phone up for a lift or walk home after a night out drinking. So I cannot understand why people drink and drive.

“Don’t you realise how selfish and ignorant you are and what the consequences could be?

“What will it take for you to stop? Will it be the death of someone that you love so dearly killed by a drunk driver to make you realise the heartbreak and devastation you cause?

“The drink driving law should change to zero tolerance, no alcohol when driving. After all a car is a lethal weapon and you are in charge of that weapon.

“If you kill someone in my opinion you have committed murder, so it should be life in prison.

“A short sentence and a driving ban does not seem to deter people. After all what is stopping you from driving while being banned? We know it happens.

“I believe people who have killed while drink-driving should never be allowed back into the community as they are a danger to others and in my view often don’t show any real remorse.

“So please, from a heartbroken family, think about what you are doing. Don’t drink and drive. Try to imagine what its like getting a knock on your door telling you that your son is never coming home again, because someone decided that a night out drinking and it turned out driving seemed far more important than the life they are going to take away.

“The families you are hurting. You still have your lives to live. Ours are broken.

“Our first Christmas without Aiden was distressing and sad. Everyone around us was getting excited and all I wanted was for Christmas not to happen.

“People had presents to wrap and all I had for Aiden was a wreath to lay at his resting place. Then came Christmas day and the empty chair at the table where our Aiden should have been.”

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