Suffolk: Is Simon Clegg ready for his biggest challenge yet?

Ipswich Town chief executive Simon Clegg has looked after some of Britain’s elite athletes and handled a number of multi-millionaire footballers.

But he is – quite literally – facing his biggest challenge yet as he continues in his role as the Games attache for the Guam Olympic team.

The Pacific territory has one of the smaller squads competing at London 2012 – with only a handful of runners and swimmers in their ranks.

But Guam can boast the biggest character of them all this year – in the shape of 480lbs (34st) Ricardo Blas Jr, who is hoping to bring a medal home from the Judo competition.

Blas Jr has already smashed the record for being the heaviest Olympian in history.

He wears a 6XL tracksuit, which Clegg had to order especially, and has an aide who inspect the chairs he sits on – to ensure they can sustain his weight.

Blas Jr – who can boost his calorie intake at the world’s biggest McDonalds in the Olympic Park – is due to compete in the 100kg+ section of the judo on Friday.

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Clegg said: “He is a seriously big boy – I certainly wouldn’t want to get in an argument with him.”

Clegg played a central role in bringing the Games to London and his role with the Guam team has meant he gets “access all areas” accreditation.

His role has seen him offer support to Guam’s athletes and he has remained a key advisor to the British team delivering the Games.

He added: “Over the years I have met officials from many countries around the world and I know the Guam National Olympic President Rick Blas.

“He asked me to act as his country’s Olympic Attache and I was delighted to help.

“This is only an honorary position – my first priority is as chief executive of Ipswich Town and it should not affect that at all.”

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