Suffolk: Mild weather leads to blooming flowers

This time last month it seemed as if the treacherous arctic chill would never end – but today the first flowers are blooming thanks to exceptionally mild weather.

The changeable conditions have seen the mercury leap from below zero to heights usually seen in April or May.

And the warmer weather looks set to continue over the weekend.

Chris Bell, a forecaster for WeatherQuest, said that yesterday’s temperatures had reached 13C – more than double the average for this time of year.

He said: “We have reached around 13C, which is 55F, in certain areas of Suffolk.

“On average temperatures for this time of year reach just 6C, so it is quite a bit higher than it normally is.

“From now until Monday, it is likely to remain mild, with conditions still a bit damp and windy.

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“There will be a breeze around and temperatures will peak at between 10C and 12C.

“We are getting temperatures that we wouldn’t normally see until the end of April, so we’re getting mid-spring conditions.”

From next Monday, temperatures will drop and return to the average for January – with a slight frost returning during the night.

Mr Bell added: “It is quite amazing that within a month the conditions have changed so much.

“Just three or four weeks ago, the roads were covered in snow and ice, but now temperatures are completely the opposite.”

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