Suffolk: Millie mends the broken heart of council top dog

SHE’S captured the heart of the man with one of the toughest jobs in Suffolk.

And who wouldn’t melt at the sight of 11-week-old Millie?

County council leader Mark Bee’s life was touched with sadness in the spring when his pet springer spaniel Bertie died at the grand old age of 13.

But now Millie has come into his life. He picked up the puppy at the start of the month and now she is getting used to life with the county’s top dog!

Mr Bee, who lives in Beccles, is a confirmed dog-lover who has been waiting for the arrival of the new puppy – he loves to get away from the stress of his work by taking his dog for long walks around the Suffolk countryside.

And Millie has a close link with Bertie: “She was actually born on the day that Bertie died,” said Mr Bee. “She’s now been here just over a week and is settling down well.

“She’s not chewing me or the furniture too much and is sleeping quite well at night. We’re in the process of house training at the moment!”

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Mr Bee has had springer spaniels most of his life so Millie’s arrival completed his family: “My previous dog was 13 so it was quite a loss when he died – it is great to have Millie around now,” he added.

One of Mr Bee’s favourite ways of unwinding from his busy – and sometimes stressful job – is taking his dog for long walks in the Suffolk countryside.

Millie has plenty of energy – so the council leader should have plenty of opportunity to wind down from his busy life over the summer.

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