Suffolk missed by air maps

JET plane noise is today being put on the map to show how loud aircraft are in our skies - but not those planes flying over Suffolk.

JET plane noise is today being put on the map to show how loud aircraft are in our skies - but not those planes flying over Suffolk.

While campaigners grow increasingly frustrated at the disturbance caused to tranquil and rural areas, the government has only decided to show the noise around major airports.

Even though people living on busy flightpaths many miles from where planes take off and land are forced to suffer constant noise, no action is set to be taken to deal or measure the problem.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has produced airport noise maps for 18 major airports, including Stansted.

The mapping, carried out during last year and this year in line with the EU's Environmental Noise Directive, gives details of daytime and night-time noise levels at each airport as well as noise levels around each site on an average day.

The maps will be used to draw up action plans to address noise problems around each airport.

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Airports may be asked to consider proposals for compensation where noise cannot be adequately mitigated. These measures could include voluntary purchase schemes and assistance with relocation costs for affected residents where appropriate.

Environment Minister Jonathan Shaw said: “Noise is an inescapable fact of modern life but we need to do what we can to manage it.

“These maps are part of that process and will enable us to better understand noise and deal with it.”

Defra is currently working to produce similar noise maps for major roads, railways and big cities in England.

The Evening Star's Air Fair campaign has found the noise from aircraft is creating increasing disturbance across Suffolk with 1,200 planes flying over the county every day.

The issue has been taken up by the South Suffolk Air Traffic Action Group. Dick Histed, of SSATAG, said: “At present levels air traffic noise is causing widespread dissatisfaction all over south Suffolk and east Essex.”

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