Suffolk: More rain is needed claim Anglian Water

RAIN may have dominated April but more is still needed, according to Anglian Water.

Officials say there needs to be several more months of wet weather before they can even consider reversing the hosepipe ban.

Forecasters have revealed that Suffolk endured more than double the average rainfall for April and as we move into May the grim weather looks set to continue.

However, Anglian Water, who enforced the hosepipe ban at the beginning of last month, said it would take a lot more rain to reverse their decision.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said the hosepipe ban was introduced because they are looking ahead to 2013 and feared the prospect of a third dry winter.

He added: “We must keep in mind that this drought is the result of almost two years of below-average rainfall, including two very dry winters. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than a few wet weeks to reverse the impact of that.

“We’ve always said that what we need to reverse this drought, and to allow us to lift the hosepipe ban, is a prolonged period of above-average rainfall, over winter, when it can have the most impact on rivers, reservoirs, and underground aquifers.”

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Weather conditions today will start of wet with sunny spells set to feature this afternoon.

The Bank Holiday weekend will also be rainy, with heavy rain forecast on Friday night and Saturday morning.

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