Suffolk: Oh brother, it’s so good to see you! First picture of reunited sibling puppies

KESGRAVE: This is the moment two playful puppies were reunited – without their owners even realising!

The pair were part of the same litter separated at an early age.

However, fate brought Cavalier King Charles spaniels Chester and sibling Mr Gibbs back together when they were taken along to the first meeting of a new puppy club.

While their owners had no idea the pair, both 14 weeks old, were related, the little dogs quickly recognised each other and were instantly inseparable.

Puppy Group Kesgrave was launched by Mary-Ann Sherwood-Clarke to train young pups and allowing them to make canine friends.

Watching Mr Gibbs play, owner Caroline Boxall only realised the family connection when she heard Tracey Parker call for her pet pooch Chester.

Miss Boxall, of Ipswich, said: “It was really very sweet, we were completely shocked to find out they were related. It was a complete coincidence.

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“Now they will see each other at the classes every week.”

Chester and Mr Gibbs love rolling around together, recapturing the playful moments they shared when they were first born.

Mrs Barker added: “It’s lovely to see them together.”

The duo were sold a week apart, when Chester was just eight weeks old and when Mr Gibbs, who was named after a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film by Miss Boxall’s eight-year-old daughter Isabella, was nine weeks.

But now they are regularly roaming around side by side at the classes in Long Strops, Kesgrave.

Mary-Ann Sherwood-Clarke, of Holiday Dogs, said: “It came completely out of the blue.

“We had initially split the group into two, but when both groups came together the two Cavaliers were completely inseparable.

“The owners eventually got talking and it wasn’t long before they realised that the puppies were both from the same litter.

“They had such a strong bond, it was so lovely to see – it was like seeing your sister or brother and the instant connection that comes with that.”

“It was a real pleasure to see the puppies having such a great time together.

“It gives them an ideal opportunity to explore their social skills from a young age, which gives them a great start in life”.

To find out more about the free weekly sessions, or to sign up for a session, call Mary-Ann Sherwood-Clarke on 07840 871547.

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