Readers capture stunning 'pink moon' over Suffolk

Pink supermoon high in the sky

Jeff Welch captured this stunning shot of the Pink Moon over the Port of Felixstowe this morning - Credit: Jeff Welch

This week photographers across the county will be trying to get the perfect photograph of the pink supermoon as it lights up the sky. 

In the early hours of this morning Jeff Welch captured some stunning shots of the 'pink moon' above the Port of Felixstowe looking as though it was glowing. 

Pink moon over Port of Felixstowe

Photographers across Suffolk have been trying to get the perfect picture of the Pink Moon, which will be appearing in skies across Suffolk this week - Credit: Jeff Welch

More of our readers have been sending in their impressive pictures of the supermoon which were taken in Ipswich, Washbrook, and Woodbridge. 

Blossom and the pink supermoon

Peter Shimming took this beautiful picture from his front garden in Rushmere St Andrew at 9.45pm on Monday, April 26 - Credit: Peter Shimming

Pink moon behind silver birch

Mark Hodge, from a photography Facebook group in Kesgrave, took this artistic photograph of the supermoon - Credit: Mark Hodge

Photographers will be happy to know the 'pink moon' will be visible again tonight. 

The optimal time to see the moon is just before sunset which is expected to be at around 8.15pm,  it will be visible until it sets in the west on Wednesday morning. 

Shadows on the moon shown against dark night sky

Jason Pilbury took this incredible picture of the 'pink moon' in Ipswich - Credit: Jason Pilbury

It is known as the 'pink moon' because of the pink flowers known as phlox, that bloom in the spring. 

The next supermoon will be visible in May 2021.

Please send any pictures you have taken of the supermoon to 

Moon behind a tree

This incredible picture was taken in Woodbridge - Credit: Charmain Shirley Berry

Grey moon in sky

A picture of the 'pink moon' captured in Washbrook, the next supermoon will appear in Suffolk skies next month - Credit: Julie Kemp

Different pictures of the moon

Alex Rudiger took these pictures of the moon during different stages of the night - Credit: Alex Rudiger

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