Suffolk police ask England fans to ‘remember the match for the right reasons’

Hundreds turned out to watch England take on Sweden Picture: KATY SANDALLS

Hundreds turned out to watch England take on Sweden Picture: KATY SANDALLS - Credit: Archant

With just a win against Croatia between England and a World Cup final - police are urging fans to behave appropriately.

Officers have praised fans for their excellent behaviour so far but are aware some may get a bit too excited if fuelled by alcohol and the emotion of the event.

Their message remains the same - behave appropriately and respect others at all times.

Officers are also reiterating advice to fans for staying safe - stick with friends and make sensible plans for returning home after the match.

Chief Inspector Matt Rose said: “Win or lose, we ask that everyone thinks about the consequences of any behaviour or disorder.

“We want people to remember the match for the right reasons and not because you spent it under arrest and in a police cell.

“Up to now we have had no reports of serious disorder following England’s games and we thank everyone who has followed the matches so far for their sensible behaviour.

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“People have enjoyed the football passionately with great enthusiasm but also respectfully as well.

“We would encourage everyone to enjoy the semi-final occasion, but in a considerate and tolerant way. We will have extra officers on duty to deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour or criminality.”

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