Suffolk: Police chief earns more than Prime Minister

SUFFOLK: The county’s top police officer has a salary package worth more than the Prime Minister’s wages, according to latest figures.

Simon Ash, Chief Constable of Suffolk Constabulary, is on a basic wage of �133,068, further boosted by housing and mileage payouts offered as part of an historic contract.

The figures released by the Suffolk Police Authority show that Mr Ash will be paid �5,826 in housing bonus while his essential user mileage payout will be �6,785 – meaning his “benefits” package is worth more than the annual salary of a full-time worker earning the minimum wage.

Mr Ash’s total income this year will be �145,679. The Prime Minister will earn �142,500 after taking a pay cut of �7,500.

Meanwhile, staff at the force are fearing for the future as finance bosses look to slash budget by up to 20 per cent over the next three years.

Megan Howes, UNISON branch secretary for Suffolk police, and she said: “We do challenge them all the time on these things and they are very aware that staff are going through a hard time.

“For that reason, none of the senior officers take any performance-related bonuses that are over and above their regulatory pay.

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“They are entitled to the bonuses but they choose not to take them because of the cuts.”

A force spokeswoman confirmed this and said: “No chief officers will be put forward for any bonus payments this financial year.”

She explained that the housing allowance is set nationally and is paid to those who signed up at a particular time. The payment is being phased out.

“Mileage is based on an assumed number of miles and also includes a lump sum for an essential user, which is to ensure a car is available for that officer/staff member at all times due to their role,” said the spokeswoman,

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