Suffolk police crack down on anti-social behaviour in Ipswich

Police are cracking down on anti-social behaviour

Police are cracking down on anti-social behaviour

Police in Ipswich have cracked down on anti-social behaviour on the east side of town, after residents flagged up a handful of problem areas.

In June, anti-social behaviour was reported around the Co-op store in Selkirk Road, on Rushmere Heath and irresponsible use of mopeds and motorbikes on open spaces around east Ipswich.

After feedback from those living in the Rushmere, Bixley, St John’s, Holywells, Gainsborough and Priory Heath areas of town, police took action to target those responsible for the problems.

It is understood that the issues around the heath and Selkirk Road are primarily surrounding younger members of the community.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: “We have targeted patrols in and around the heath, encountering young people and dealing with any ASB including underage drinking and criminal damage.”

Officers have also been making school visits and speaking to parents to curb the problem.

Around Selkirk Road, officers have been speaking to youngsters and their families to understand the issues, and were working alongside the Co-op store.

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The spokesman said: “At this time several youths have received community resolutions for their behaviour and we continue to meet and engage any unruly behaviour head-on.”

Police have issued a handful of warnings to unruly moped riders – including for ones driving erratically and with passengers without helmets.

“The use of mopeds and motorbikes on the open spaces around the East of Ipswich continues to cause issues.

“The pro-active approach will continue, along with engaging with users of the areas concerned offering advice and reassurance.”