Suffolk police received two rape complaints about Sir Clement Freud

Sir Clement Freud with his wife Jill in 1987. Photo PA

Sir Clement Freud with his wife Jill in 1987. Photo PA - Credit: PA

Suffolk police twice received child rape complaints about Sir Clement Freud after his death, it has emerged.

Two different police forces contacted the constabulary on behalf of the same victim – one in 2012, the other in 2014.

The woman making the rape allegation, Vicky Hayes, who has waived her right to anonymity, has also said she raised concerns with Suffolk police about Freud’s connection with Madeleine McCann’s family.

The first complaint was made three years after Freud, who had a home in Walberswick, died aged 84 in 2009. A memorial bench to the politician and raconteur overlooks Walberswick’s village green.

Suffolk police have not named Freud.

However, Lucy Sheehan, a spokeswoman for the force, said: “An allegation of rape was referred to Suffolk police by another police force in 2012, relating to an offence occurring more than 40 years ago by a suspect who was deceased.

“Limited information was available, including the county in which the offence took place so it was not possible to pursue the enquiry, but support was offered to the victim.

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“A further allegation was received in 2014, at which time more information was provided. A crime was recorded and enquiries were made, with the victim being offered specialist support and assistance.

“Any allegations of sexual abuse of any nature are taken extremely seriously and are fully investigated by specialist-trained officers.”

Mrs Sheehan said no further complaints have been forthcoming since the news broke earlier this week that two other women had made allegations of historical child sex abuse against Freud.

Ms Hayes, 64, told ITV News Freud would frequently visit her father’s Lincoln seafood restaurant, known as Syd’s, in the mid-1960s. She first met him when she was 14.

Ms Hayes said when she was 17, Freud took her to Newmarket Races – assuring her parents that a housekeeper would also be present, and on the overnight trip plied her with champagne before taking her virginity.

She said: “I lay there naked he got in and I just lay there afraid, scared, and he forced himself on me and took my virginity.”

Ms Hayes said she did not tell her parents.

“You don’t expect a friend of your parents to rape you,” she continued, adding that his parting message to her was to call him if she was pregnant.

Earlier child abuse claims by Sylvia Woosley, now in her 70s, and another woman to ITV’s Exposure programme prompted Freud’s widow Jill to apologise.

Freud was friends with Gerry and Kate McCann, the parents of missing three-year-old Madeleine, who disappeared in 2007. He was married to Jill, 89, for nearly 60 years.

In a statement released in response to the programme, Mrs Freud said: “This is a very sad day for me. I was married to Clement for 58 years and loved him dearly.

“I am shocked, deeply saddened and profoundly sorry for what has happened to these women. I sincerely hope they will now have some peace.”