Suffolk police vow to continue purge on illegal vehicles after more than 1,100 seized in a year

Police seize more than 1,100 vehicles in a year

Police seize more than 1,100 vehicles in a year

More than 1,100 illegal vehicles were seized by police in a year, according to the constabulary’s figures.

In excess of 700 of the cars, vans and motorbikes, including 31 BMWs 12 Mercedes and 10 Audis, have been destroyed.

Officers have pledged to continue their purge on uninsured drivers, those without licences, and motorists who park illegally or drive dangerously.

Between August 1 last year and July 31 this year a total of 559 vehicles were confiscated due to the driver not having any insurance.

Unlicensed drivers accounted for a further 208 being taken off the road.

Police also seized 240 vehicles for being driven dangerously or illegally parked, while 124 were towed to a pound after they were termed ‘abandoned’. This category can include cars damaged as a result of an accident or discarded following a crime.

A response to a Freedom of Information request also revealed the constabulary made 20 seizures during the 12-month period due to vehicles ‘causing alarm, distress or annoyance’.

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The total number of cars, motorbikes, and vans taken by police came to 1,151.

Inspector David Giles, of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Vehicles can be seized by police for a number of different reasons – primarily if they are persistently used to cause anti-social behaviour, are dangerously or illegally parked or abandoned, or if the owner or driver doesn’t have the correct documentation, such as the vehicle being driven without insurance.

“Uninsured vehicles, or those being driven by someone without a licence, can pose a significant risk to innocent members of the public, and police also have powers to seize vehicles under specific circumstances where a vehicle is being driven in a manner that causes alarm, distress or annoyance.

“We will continue to seize vehicles where we have the powers to do so, to make our roads safer and, if they are not reclaimed, we will then look to dispose of them appropriately.”

Of the 703 vehicles destroyed by police last year the largest single makes were Ford with 158, followed by Vauxhall with 103.