Suffolk scouts to travel nearly 9,000 miles to take part in world jamboree

Hayley Liddell and Luke Sumpton

Hayley Liddell and Luke Sumpter - Credit: CONTRIBUTED

Two scout leaders from the Ipswich area are set to take part in the World Scout Jamboree – nearly 9,000 miles from home.

Keith Gleen, 76, from Martlesham, and Heather Bridges, 55, from Ipswich will be attending the gathering in August next year. Karen Pettit, 64, from Mildenhall, and Hayley Liddell, 28, from Woodbridge, will also be making the trip from Suffolk.

The Jamboree will see 50,000 young people come together for a skills, cultural and adventure festival in South Korea.

Karen said: “In 2019, I volunteered for the World Scout Jamboree in North America and it was a great experience. In South Korea, I hope to learn all about the culture and try Korean food. It’s a totally new country for me and I can’t wait to find out all about it.”

Karen Pettit, from Mildenhall

Karen Pettit, from Mildenhall - Credit: SCOUTS

Hayley said: “Since joining Scouts five years ago, I have had a multitude of new experiences and have forged many new friendships.

"Unfortunately, Covid-19 prevented me from taking a unit of 36 young people from Suffolk to the European Jamboree in Poland. Attending the World Scout Jamboree in Korea will hopefully, finally fulfil my dream.

"I hope to learn from others and to share my knowledge with attendees. Mostly, I hope to be part of the team enabling young people from all over the world to have a life-changing experience.”

Heather Bridges from Ipswich

Heather Bridges from Ipswich - Credit: Martyn Milner/Scouts

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Heather said: "I’d like to pass my cooking skills on to young people and show our great food to other cultures.

"While at the Jamboree I’d like to learn new skills and flavours that I can bring back.

"Scouting has helped me with my confidence and I know that the time I spend with young people will change them."

Bear Grylls, UK chief scout, said: “Congratulations to Karen, Keith, Haley and Heather and all the other adult volunteers who have been selected to support this adventure!

File photo dated 21/04/22 of Bear Grylls, who has called for more adult volunteers to help with Scou

Bear Grylls, UK chief scout - Credit: PA

"World Scout Jamborees only happen every four years and tens of thousands of Scouts from across the world attend each one. Young people could not take part in these life-changing events without the support of adult volunteers like Karen, Keith, Haley and Heather.

"Over the last couple of years, adult volunteers have played an important part in holding our communities together.

"Now is their chance to have an adventure. I say good for you to all those volunteers who want to be part of this adventure.”