Suffolk teen’s dangerous driving was ‘beyond moment of madness’

Angus Perry at Ipswich Magistrate Court for dangerous driving

Angus Perry at Ipswich Magistrate Court for dangerous driving

A teenage driver is awaiting sentence after a police pursuit at speeds up to 85mph on country roads in the middle of the night.

Ipswich magistrates heard Angus Perry crashed his car after driving on the wrong side of the road around blind bends, turning his lights off to evade police and going straight over T-junctions without stopping.

The court was told at one point a police officer thought the 18-year-old, of Ivy Lodge Road, Campsea Ashe, near Wickham Market, could have seriously injured or killed someone.

The incident occurred in the Woodbridge area on the A1152, B1078 and B1069.

The chase ended when the VW Polo Perry was driving when round a right-hand bend at high-speed, mounted a bank and spun back into the road after hitting a tree.

Magistrates heard there was damage to most of the body panels and smoke was coming from the engine.

Perry admitted dangerous driving, possession of cannabis, and failing to stop for police,

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His solicitor Sue Threadkell said: “This offence was beyond a moment of madness.

“It’s something his parents are yet to fully understand.

“To say this would be a salutary experience would be an understatement.”

Earlier prosecutor Colette Harper said at 12.35am on November 26 a police officer was travelling on the A1152 towards Eyke when they saw a VW come out of Acer Road in Rendlesham at speed. It went past the officer’s vehicle towards Tunstall.

The police car put its blue lights on and pursued the Polo.

Perry drove at speed around the area for about 15 minutes, Mrs Harper said.

At the A1152 roundabout with Redwald Road he turned and went on to the wrong side of the carriageway towards Eyke, then back on to Acer Road.

Perry overshot a T-junction striking a kerb, before coming to a halt.

The police car was angled to trap the Polo, but it reversed and the two cars made contact, the court heard.

The pursuit continued at speeds up to 65mph in a 30mph zone.

Perry drove erratically into corners going on to the wrong side of the road at 70mph.

He then went around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road.

At a Butley junction Perry struck the verge but managed to avoid crashing, before going through county lanes at 65mph cutting the corner on another blind bend.

The court heard at one point the pursuit reached 85mph. Perry went through a T-junction at Tunstall without attempting to stop or slow down.

He then turned his car’s lights off for about eight seconds, which was thought to be an attempt to elude police.

The Polo’s lights came on again and the pursuit continued until the car came to a halt.

Perry was sent to crown court for sentencing.