Suffolk: The lights fantastic - Suffolk’s stargazers out in force to catch a glimpse of the Tricky Lady

SUFFOLK: It is one of the world’s most elusive natural wonders.

The Aurora, also known as the Northern Lights and the Tricky Lady, is a light show star gazers will travel hundreds of miles to see.

But residents were getting their warmest blankets out and sitting under the stars last night in the hope of the seeing the lights in the skies of Suffolk..

Caused by one of the largest solar flares in five years, there were fears that the full moon and clouds could make the show difficult to see.

But that didn’t stop hundreds waiting for their chance to get a glimpse when the clouds lifted.

Star columnist and astronomer Lawrence Harris said: “It’s a brave person that says he won’t see anything because I have been in situations before when there has been a bright moon but there was a sign of an aurora.

“I am sure that people will be looking because it only takes one clear patch to get a view of it.”

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The lights are caused by a collision of energetic charged particles with atoms which originate from solar winds and are directed into the atmosphere through the Earth’s magnetic field.

And even if you were not able to see the lights last night, there will be plenty of opportunities over the coming years as the sun approaches the time of its greatest activity.

Known as the solar maximum, there will be a greater number of solar flares and sun spots which will see the spectacle happening more frequently and Mr Harris believes that the lights will return to Suffolk.

He added: “We will be reaching the solar maximum so we’re going to get increased activity and even if you don’t see this one there will be more to look at.

“In the next 24 months there will be increased sun spot activity and I am sure there is more to come – so watch this space.”

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