Six eco-friendly swaps you could make this Earth Day

Zest Ipswich is now stocking Fill cleaning products which customers can buy using their own refillab

Zest Ipswich is now stocking Fill cleaning products which customers can buy using their own refillable containers. Picture: ZEST IPSWICH - Credit: Archant

From reusable baby wipes, to visiting your local zero waste shop, we have come up with some environmentally friendly swaps people in Suffolk could try. 

Earth Day, takes place this Thursday, April 22,  its aim is to get people thinking about the way we can appreciate and respect the environment. 

Six changes you could make to lead a greener lifestyle

Changing table with pile of reusable cloth baby wipes on it

Ipswich mum Anneka Cadge says she finds reusable baby wipes easy to use - Credit: ANNEKA CADGE

Give reusable baby wipes a go 

In 2019 Anglian Water said they deal with 40,000 blockages a year and 80% of these are caused by wet wipes and sanitary products.

Baby wipes that aren't flushed away end up in landfill. 

This is one of the reasons Ipswich mum Anneka Cadge is encouraging other parents to give reusable baby wipes a go. 

Miss Cadge, who also uses cloth nappies on her daughter Hazel, said: "The reusable wipes are fantastic, you put them in the clean box with water, use them and then put them in the dirty box before washing them with the nappies.

"They do such a better job than normal wipes and there is no waste for landfill."

Mum with long brown hair with baby

Anneka Cadge uses reusable nappies and baby wipes on her daughter Hazel Wright - Credit: ANNEKA CADGE

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Miss Cadge added: "They are also really good for babies' skin as they only contain water. 

"I would recommend reusable nappies and wipes to parents as they are so easy to use and feel far superior to disposables."

Visit your local refill shop 

Over recent years eco-friendly refill shops have been opening across Suffolk. 

The Zest charity shop in Ipswich town centre is now open again after lockdown and encouraging people to bring in their empty bottles.

Earlier this month they posted on Facebook: "Refillable washing up liquid, all purpose cleaner, hand wash, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner from @fill_co are still available in store. 

"Bring your own bottle or purchase one of our glass ones! 

"All the products are unscented, vegan, cruelty free and effective." 

The Clear to Sea zero waste shop in Bury St Edmunds is also popular with eco-friendly shoppers. 

Reusable sanitary towels come in a range of colours and patterns. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Reusable sanitary towels come in a range of colours and patterns. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Use reusable sanitary products 

Clear to Sea, which can be found in St John's Street in the town centre, also sells reusable sanitary products such as period pants, washable sanitary pads and washable sanitary towels. 

Eco-friendly period products have become increasing popular over recent years and there are also many companies that sell them online.

Try reusable nappies on your baby or toddler 

As this week is Reusable Nappy Week, mums from around Ipswich have been singing their praises.

The have said even using one reusable nappy a day will make a big difference to the amount of disposable nappies that go into landfill. 


Katie Hughes and her family made the switch to cloth nappies three years ago - Credit: KATIE HUGHES

Katie Hughes and her family are trying to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, which includes using reusable nappies.

The Suffolk mum has this advice for any other parents wanting to give them a try: "My biggest tip to those wanting to give it a go is I think mainly to just go for it!

"There is so much support and an amazing range of nappies and styles that there’s one for literally everyone. 

"Also reaching out to a local nappy library can be a really good way to find out what suits you best."

Alissa Pemberton from Suffolk Cloth Nappies Ipswich said: "We hire out a variety of kits including newborn kits, birth to potty kits, toilet training, a preschool nappy kit, and a night time kit." 

You can find out about the Suffolk Cloth Nappy Library here.  

Save water this Spring 

Anglian Water are offering all of their residential water customers a free garden water saving kit which you can find out more about on their Facebook page. 

On of their top tips is to collect rainwater in water butts so it is on hand when you need it to water the garden. 

Eco-friendly lunchtime swaps 

With many of us heading back into the office over the next few weeks, now is the perfect way to shake up how you get your sandwiches or salad to work.

Instead of using cling film, foil or carrier bags, why not opt for reusable items instead. 

The new Refill Eco zero waste shop, in the Throughfare in Woodbridge, sells some beautiful reusable picnic items ranging from bamboo cutlery and coconut bowls to metal cups and beeswax wraps. 

You can find out more about what the shop sells on their Facebook page. 

Can you help? 

We are looking to speak to anyone in Suffolk or north Essex that makes, sells or uses period pants or other reusable sanitary pads. 

Please get in touch by emailing 

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