Super Star settles into her new home

Guide dog Star is settling into her new home - and looking forward to an exciting new life.

FELIXSTOWE: Guide dog Star is settling into her new home - and looking forward to an exciting new life.

Evening Star readers raised the money for her breeding and initial training and by this summer she may well be taking up her role for the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity and become a mum to more potential guide dogs.

Because of her exceptional pedigree and temperament, Star was chosen to be a brood bitch and be used for breeding rather than train further as a guide dog for a blind or partially-sighted person.

After unsuccessful placements with families since last September, Star now has a new home with Clare and Luke Turton, and their children Molly, six, and Sophie, two, in Shirley, near Solihull.

“We lost our own dog to a stroke aged almost 15 years in March 2008 and were all missing a canine companion,” said Mrs Turton.

“We had heard of the puppy walking scheme through our local paper and then purely by chance on a visit to Solihull we saw Guide Dogs there during a fundraising event and heard about the brood bitch holder side which we thought would suit us better.

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“So we are now the proud holders of Star - Penny did a fantastic job of her puppy walking, she's a delight to have around.

“Star usually greets us first thing in the morning with a readily wagging tail and her teddy in her mouth.”

Penny Parker, of Felixstowe, who was Star's puppy walker for her first year, said: “I am so thrilled to hear she is in a new family home and is settling in so well.”

GUIDE DOGS: How to get involved

Puppy Faith is the latest guide dog the Evening Star is supporting - and the charity constantly needs money for its work.

If you are doing fundraising for the charity, then get in touch with Richard Cornwell at the Felixstowe Newsdesk on 01394 284109 so we can help you publicise your event.

To donate, please send cheques - made payable to the Guide Dogs - to Richard Cornwell, Evening Star, 172 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7DU.

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