Supermarket cheers up victim of mugging with generous gift

IPSWICH: A grandmother who was mugged yards from her home has been given a lift by her local supermarket.

Ruby Noble, 81, was left terrified of going out alone after being attacked as she walked along a dark alley off Glamorgan Road.

But when staff at Asda, in Stoke Park Drive, found out about the mugging, they arranged to put the smile back on her face by handing her a �100 shopping voucher.

Mrs Noble, of Montgomery Road, had been walking home after shopping in Asda when she was followed along Lanercost Way and mugged by a young man.

She fought the mugger for her handbag but couldn’t stop it being ripped away, along with around �100 in cash, a bank card, cigarettes and her copy of The Evening Star.

But now she has treated herself to a new iron and some clothes thanks to a generous donation from her local supermarket.

Carlos Torres, the store’s manager, said: “We were all sorry to hear about what happened to Ruby and it was great to see her back at the store looking so cheerful.

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“She is brave and we hope that our gift to her can go some way to easing the pain of the incident.”

Lynn Bloomfield, Mrs Noble’s daughter, said: “The mugging obviously had nothing to do with them but, being a local store which she uses regularly, they gave her �100 to spend.

“It’s really nice of them. They didn’t have to do it.”

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