Suspect in Ipswich gunpoint robbery and discharge of firearm will face no action

The police road block in Hawthorn Drive

The police road block in Hawthorn Drive

A 34-year-old man arrested in connection with a gunpoint robbery and the alleged discharge of a firearm on Ipswich’s Chantry estate will not be charged.

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said the suspect for the robbery in Manchester Road – who is from London - has been released from bail due to insufficient evidence.

The incidents occurred at around 8.30pm on February 1.

Police were called to reports that three men forced their way into a house and demanded money from the occupants threatening them with a handgun in the process.

The men left the house taking a quantity of money and made off in a car towards Tesco pursued by the victim. Stuart McConnachie, in his car.

The two cars were subsequently involved in a collision on Hawthorn Drive, where Mr McConnachie reported that the gun was fired before the offenders drove off.

The incident led to Hawthorn Drive being sealed off until the next morning.