Suspicious powder at Ipswich offices

SUSPICIOUS powder has been found at an Ipswich office today.

STAFF at the DVLA office in Ipswich have now been allowed back in the building after a suspicious powder sparked a security alert.

The suspect powder, which has now been confirmed as non-hazardous, was discovered around 7.40am today and while the immediate area was evacuated, staff in other departments were allowed to stay in the building.

Police were called and a cordon was put in place. Fire and ambulance services were on standby following the alert and tests were being carried out to determine what the powder was.

A spokesperson from the DVLA said: “I am able to confirm that there was suspicious package addressed to the Inland Revenue this morning.

“As DVLA shares the building with the Inland Revenue the Local Office was closed between 9 and 10:15 this morning.”