'Swearing' carnival queen stripped of her title

A teenage carnvial queen has been sacked from the role amid claims she swore in front of shocked youngsters.

James Hore

WHEN Sharnie-May Allwright was told she would be Colchester's carnival queen the 16-year-old was over the moon.

But with the prestigious event just days away the teenager has been stripped of the crown amid claims she behaved inappropriately and swore in front of the young carnival princes and princesses during a photoshoot.

Organisers for Saturday's event wrote to Miss Allwright this week to drop the bombshell.

She has now been replaced by Frinton beauty and former Miss East Anglia, Joanna Peagram, 22, who had been unable to attend the original casting because she was on a modelling job.

Miss Allwright was left very upset about the decision but organisers have said she is welcome to reapply for the role in a year's time.

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Pam Boon, organiser of the Colchester Carnival queen and court, claimed the children involved had been left scared by what they saw at the photoshoot.

Ms Boon said: “I was not there, but everybody else said it was just terrible - very loud, very angry and very hostile.

“There was swearing going on and a lot of bad feeling.”

She said the bad feeling continued at a second promotional photoshoot held at the George Hotel in Colchester.

Colchester's carnival is being held on Saturday and the procession, which goes through the town centre, starts at 6pm.

Miss Allwright's mother, Michelle, a childminder from Colchester, said her daughter was “heartbroken” after being axed at the 11th hour.

She said: “It is just ridiculous. Sharnie was so looking forward to it, she was so pleased to be taking part.

“She is just a 16-year-old girl and she has had something like this taken away from her.

Sharnie-May was the only girl to turn up to the judging and was excited to be awarded the crown about a month ago.