Talented Tommy is pleased as Punch

IPSWICH: Talented puppeteer Tommy Bradshaw is just eight years old, but he is taking the town by storm as he performs seaside favourite Punch and Judy to crowds of people.

The youngster’s fascination with the traditional puppet show started three years ago, since then he has had a number of puppets made and continues on his journey to spread the word of lovable Punch and his wife Judy.

Having performed to hundreds of people in Covent Garden, Tommy is believed to be the youngstest performer of his kind in the country.

With Punch, Judy, the policeman and the crocodile in tow, Tommy has been busy entertaining children from behind his performance stall.

The St Pancras Primary School pupil, who lives in Chesterfield Drive, Ipswich, told The Evening Star that he might even be the youngsest Punch and Judy performer in the world.

He added: “I like storytelling and I think that people like listening to my stories. Punch is one of my favourite puppets, he is lots of fun.

“I tell people that it is slapstick and that no one really gets hurt. I don’t want anyone to be scared by it.

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“I think that because I have been doing it for so long that I am quite professional because I don’t get nervous.

“The Punch and Judy Fellowship said I was the youngest person ever. I think that’s really good.”

His proud mum, Gail, said Tommy had eight puppets made by local puppeteer Miraker Battey.

She added: “He is a little professional. He loves doing it and people seem to really love watching him perform.

“He is really dedicated to keeping this English tradition alive. He gets really into character and he likes to get the crowd involved too.

“At the end of shows he gets people to put the sausages into the crocodile’s mouth and he lets all the children shake punches hand.”

During the summer the youngster has been performing at the Punch and Judy Wacky Warehouse in Grafton Way.

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