Tavis killers jailed for total of 104 years

The five people found guilty for killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens - Kyreis Davies top left, Aristote Ye

The five people found guilty for killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens - Kyreis Davies top left, Aristote Yenge, bottom left, Callum Plaats, top right, Adebayo Amusa, bottom right, and Isaac Calver Picture: SUFFOLK POLICE - Credit: Archant

The killers of Ipswich teenager Tavis Spencer-Aitkens have been locked up for a total of 104 years.

ailing four of the defendants for life for the “ferocious” murder of Tavis and one for manslaughter Judge Martyn Levett said they had “hunted down” and killed 17-year-old Tavis who was targeted in a pre-mediated gang related revenge attack.

He said Tavis was chased by at least five people who captured him, held him down and stabbed him not less than 15 times leaving him “mortally wounded” and stumbling to a tree outside his father’s home.

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The judge said the attack could only have lasted between 10-30 seconds and the fact that so many wounds were inflicted in such a short space of time indicated that more than one knife was used and at least two people had inflicted them.

“As a final insult a bottle was smashed on Tavis’s head,” said the judge.

“I am sure this was a planned ferocious attack using weapons in a defenceless young man,” he added.

He said that when the driver of a van who drove the defendant’s to the scene of the killing asked what it was all about he was told it was “gang s***”, it’s AM” meaning attempted murder.

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He said the driver, who was cleared of being involved in the murder, had later said of the occupants: “No-one seemed worried, no-one said they didn’t want to be there, no-one said it was dreadful.

“They were proud of what they’d done and were jubilant about it afterwards and appeared to be proud and pleased.”

Judge Levett said a neighbour who saw what happened had told the court: “The group piled on top of Tavis, they laid on top of him and what looked like punching and thumping him and another was holding him down so he couldn’t move.

“He was being held down. He was helpless. It was all very quick. One male was about to walk away but he turned back and whacked Tavis on the head with a wine bottle. The bottle impacted on the right side of Tavis’s head and exploded.”

The judge said another witness overheard one of the makes say: “We’ve got the big one or we’re going to wait for the big one.”

As the sentences were handed down members of Tavis’s family applauded and shouted “scum” and “cowards”.

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Before the court were Aristote Yenge, 23, of Spring Road, Ipswich, Kyreis Davies, 17, of Turnstile Square, Colchester, Adebayo Amusa, 23, of Sovereign Road, Barking and Isaac Calver, 18, of Firmin Close, Ipswich were all convicted of murdering 17-year-old Tavis last month.

Yenge was ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years of a life sentence before he can be considered for release by the parole board and Calver was ordered to serve a minimum of 21 years.

Amusa was ordered to serve a minimum of 23 years of a life sentence and Davies was ordered to serve 21 years detention before he can be considered for release by the parole board.

A fifth defendant, Callum Plaats, 23, of Ipswich, was convicted of manslaughter and he was jailed for 14 years.

The defendants had all denied being involved in the killing.

During their four-month trial, the court heard that Tavis was ‘hunted down like prey” and “butchered” to death after being stabbed 15 times and hit over the head with a bottle as he walked along Packard Avenue near his father’s in June last year.

The court heard there was bitter rivalry between the JBlock gang from the Jubilee Park area of Ipswich and the Neno gang, from the Nacton area of Ipswich and the fatal attack on Tavis was the result of what JBlock perceived to be a loss of respect following a row between two of their friends and two of Tavis’s friends earlier on the day of the killing.

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On that occasion two members of Neno had confronted two members of J Block in Ipswich town centre and and appeared intent on attacking them.

The two JBlock members had taken refuge in “Lush” but before any violence took place a police officer ran into the store and ordered the two Neno members to leave.

Within a couple of hours members of JBlock had been rounded up an a plan was made to go in search of a Neno gang member to seek revenge.

Following the attack on Tavis in Packard Avenue his step-sister rushed to his aid and saw a deep cut to his throat and a number of injuries to his back.

Doctors who arrived at the scene found a stab wound to Tavis’s heart and performed emergency surgery in an attempt to stem the loss of blood but he later died.

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