Taxi drivers raise safety concerns over new exit at Ipswich station

Jock Davies (foreground) with other taxi drivers at the new rank in front of Ipswich station

Jock Davies (foreground) with other taxi drivers at the new rank in front of Ipswich station - Credit: Archant

Taxi drivers operating out of Ipswich station have warned that the new exit into Burrell Road is a serious hazard as their vehicles and buses have to dice with danger as they join the traffic.

The traffic light-controlled junction from the station to Princes Street is currently closed while work to rebuild the station forecourt continues.

And the new exit on to Burrell Road for buses and taxis is not yet controlled by lights – meaning that vehicles have to nudge out into the traffic.

Ipswich Taxi Drivers’ Association secretary Jock Davies warned it was only a matter of time before there was an accident at the junction.

“Traffic can come along Burrell Road quite fast if the lights are green because drivers will try to get through before they turn red. It really does need to be sorted out quickly.”

Taxi drivers are also worried about the narrowness of their rank which makes it difficult for vehicles that are wheelchair accessible to operate.

Mr Davies said: “We have tried to explain our concerns about the new rank to team that are doing the work, but it does not seem that anyone wants to listen to us. It is very difficult for us to do our work.”

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The forecourt work is being managed by Suffolk County Council and is due to be completed by February next year.

A spokesman for the authority said the taxi rank had been built and amended after consultations with drivers and with station operator Greater Anglia.

The decision was taken not to use temporary traffic lights at the junction because that would have seriously disrupted traffic flow on Burrell Road – but there would be new lights installed once the works were completed there in February next year.

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