Teachers could be leaving Cliff Lane Primary School in Ipswich

Cliff Lane Primary School in Ipswich.

Cliff Lane Primary School in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich school is remaining tight-lipped over proposed changes which could see teachers leave and senior management altered.

Cliff Lane Primary School, run by academy sponsor Bright Tribe, has confirmed proposals exist to make changes to the school’s leadership team.

A consultation process is underway – with a spokeswoman for Bright Tribe assuring parents any changes would be done to support the school’s “ongoing improvement journey”.

The school, near Holywells Park, was given a ‘requires improvement’ Ofsted grade in 2013 when it was a state-maintained school.

In December, the school converted to an academy under the management of Bright Tribe. Two other Ipswich schools are also with Bright Tribe: Castle Hill Infant School and Castle Hill Junior School.

When asked to define what the exact proposals are the academy sponsor released this statement: “We cannot comment at this stage as we are going through a formal consultation process with the school’s leadership team.

“Any changes which may result as part of the consultation process are to support the school’s ongoing improvement journey and will be communicated at the appropriate time and all governors and parents have been informed.”

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Graham White, secretary of Suffolk’s NUT, said he was aware of the consultation exercise and the proposed restructuring but did not have any “specific concerns” about the school.

He said: “To some extent the concern depends on the reason why staff are leaving – If it’s because a husband or wife of a teacher is changing careers and they are moving to another part of the country that would not concern me. If staff left for another reason, then that would concern me.”

He added the pay and conditions of teachers at schools which became academies were subject to change – which has been a reason why some teachers leave newly-converted academies.

As an academy is not run by a local authority teachers can lose entitlements like extra holiday because of long service, Mr White said.

Bright Tribe is also in charge of Alde Valley Academy in Leiston and Colchester Academy.

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