Houseboat owner bravely rescues missing teddy from river

The teddy was found in Pin Mill, Ipswich

Robert Fisher says the teddy is a good little mascot but hopes to reunite it with its family - Credit: Robert Fisher

Can you help reunite this teddy bear found at Pin Mill, on the River Orwell, with his rightful owner?

Robert Fisher, 73, was looking out of the bathroom window of his houseboat on Sunday, January 2 when he spotted the little bear floating in the water. 

He said: "I waited for the tide to go out and then hoiked him out and left him to dry. He's in quite good condition, so I don't think he'd been in the water too long.

The teddy was saved from the water at Pin Mill

He was spotted on the morning of January 2 and saved from the water - Credit: Robert Fisher

"We see all sorts of stuff floating out here, but not usually lost teddy bears, so I want to get him back to his owner if I can. 

"I had a teddy bear and gave it to my son when he was little. He lost it, and it was really upsetting for us both - so I know someone is probably searching. 

"He seems quite happy sitting on the boat, he seems a cheerful little soul." 

The teddy was found in Pin Mill, at the far end of the houseboats. Email Robert if he is yours

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