Teen ordered to leave dead mum's house

A GRIEVING teenage daughter today blasted housing chiefs after being told to leave her mother's home - just two weeks after her death.

A GRIEVING teenage daughter today blasted housing chiefs after being told to leave her mother's home - just two weeks after her death.

Serena Mickelburgh, 18, had hoped to live at the house in Swinburne Road with her fianc� and newborn baby following Amanda Bennett's death on August 14.

The 42-year-old alcoholic died two days after collapsing behind shops in Cambridge Drive.

But just a fortnight later, Miss Bennett's daughter received a letter from Ipswich Borough Council stating that she did not qualify to succeed the tenancy and had until September 28 to leave.

Miss Mickelburgh, who gave birth to Jesse James 12 days ago, said her mum wanted her to stay in the house and claimed she would be unhappy at the council's decision.

“She would be mad, angry and upset,” said Miss Mickelburgh. “I think it is unfair, she wanted us to have the house.”

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Miss Mickelburgh's fianc�, Simon Fox, 23, said the decision by the council had left the couple extremely stressed and emotional.

He said: “To be able to do this to someone and kick us out is out of order.

“It has just added to the stress. We told them that Serena's mum had just passed away and her mum's grandson had been born 12 days ago and they have put us on the street.

“It has been very hard and a very emotional for us both. I was very close to her mum and Serena was very close to her mum. It is not an easy time.

“Amanda said to us that she wanted us to stay here - that was her wish before she went.

“She wanted her daughter and grandson to have this house. The council is being insensitive and not respectful.”

In the letter, Ipswich Borough Council said they had documentation showing that Miss Mickelburgh had been living with Mr Fox at a different address since April 18.

The council also claimed that the couple moved into the Swinburne Road house two days after Miss Bennett's death.

However, the pair deny this, claiming Miss Mickelburgh had always been living at her mother's house but occasionally stayed with Mr Fox at the weekend.

Nobody from Ipswich Borough Council was available for comment.

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AMANDA Bennett died on August 14, two days after collapsing behind shops in Ipswich's Cambridge Drive.

Following her death, a number of people came forward to pay tribute to the mother-of-three, who was fighting alcoholism.

Her 64-year-old father, Michael, who lives in Shenstone Drive, said: “Amanda was a wonderful mum, always coming after her dad to do things. I used to go down and cut her grass. She would say to me 'what would I do without you', but Amanda would help me in return with other things.

“She was always loving and caring, and if someone wanted to buy something at the shops, she would give her last penny away, even if she needed it.”

Miss Bennett, a former Thurleston High School pupil, is due to be buried tomorrow at Ipswich Crematorium's West Chapel.

As well as Serena, she leaves behind Liam, 23, and a four-year-old daughter.

Michael Smith, of Jasmine Close, Trimley St Martin, has been charged with supplying heroin following Miss Bennett's death.

The 44-year-old, who has pleaded not guilty, is due to appear before Ipswich magistrates on September 25.