Teenager praised after surf heroics

A TEENAGER from Ipswich was today hailed a hero after rescuing his mother and sister from deadly waves at a beach near their new home in Australia.

A TEENAGER from Ipswich was today hailed a hero after rescuing his mother and sister from deadly waves at a beach near their new home in Australia.

Luke Timms, 16, pulled his unconscious mum Jane and sister Jasmine from the sea in a dramatic rescue which emergency crews say saved the pair's lives.

The family, who emigrated to Mandurah near Perth in Western Australia in July, were enjoying a day at the beach on Wednesday as part of their dream move Down Under.

Luke, a former Chantry High School pupil, and Jasmine, 13, were body boarding at Madora Bay when the waves suddenly became more powerful and Jasmine started to drown.

Although Luke confesses he is not usually a confident swimmer, he managed to drag his sister to safety and then rush back in to help Jane who got into trouble while trying to get to her drowning daughter.

Jane was unconscious when Luke brought her ashore but he used life-saving techniques learnt as an army cadet in Suffolk to keep her alive until paramedics arrived.

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Dad Mark Timms was working nearby and rushed to the beach after a phone call from a hysterical Jasmine, a former East Bergholt High School pupil, while Luke was rescuing Jane.

Mr Timms, a bricklayer and keen kite surfer, said: “When I got there Luke was carrying my wife out of the water.

“I didn't even know Luke knew all this life-saving stuff and didn't know he had it in him.

“We are so proud. I've been in waves like that and they really take it out of you. It took something special for him to do what he did.”

Mrs Timms, who worked as a radio station receptionist and carer in Ipswich, was taken to hospital because she had swallowed a lot of sea water and seaweed. She returned home on Thursday.

Luke, now a college student, said: “At the time I don't think I realised how bad it was. It felt quite cool.

“I didn't think I was being brave even though I'm not a confident swimmer myself. It just felt like what I should be doing.”

The Timms family, formerly of Pheasant Road, Chantry, moved to Western Australia on July 1.

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LUKE Timms' heroics in saving his drowning mother and sister from the powerful Australian surf drew praise from his family and friends today.

His granddad Dennis Timms, 64, of Fountains Road, Stoke Park, said: “Luke is definitely a bit of a hero.

“The Australian police and paramedics said they both would have died had Luke not saved them.

“When my son called and told me what had happened he was very upset but he couldn't stop praising Luke.

“Luke's a real dark horse, he's so laid back but what he did was wonderful.”

Captain Ron McDade, from the Sea Company, Suffolk Army Cadet Force, taught Luke when he was a cadet with the Holbrook Grenadier Guards.

He said: “I'm chuffed. He learnt the British Heart Foundation's HeartStart course and the St John Ambulance life saver and life saver plus courses with us.

“I remember Luke well and it's fantastic to hear his training came into good use.”

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