Teenager stole from employer

A 19-YEAR-OLD employee drunkenly helped to break into his work place and steal money after being talked in to it by a friend.James Raistrick , of Ashley Street, Ipswich, has kept his job at an Ipswich window company despite using a jemmy with a friend to force open doors, damaging a photocopier and stealing petty cash.

A 19-YEAR-OLD worker has kept his job after helping to break into his workplace and steal money.

James Raistrick, of Ashley Street, Ipswich, was not sacked by an Ipswich window company despite using a jemmy to force open doors, damaging a photocopier and stealing petty cash.

He appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates Court with his friend John Andrews, 23, of Bulstrode Road, Ipswich.

Both were charged with burglary and attempting to steal.

Raistrick and Andrews broke into Dream Windows at Elton Park Business Centre, Hadleigh Road, on November 30.

When caught, Raistrick was searched and a small amount of cash was found similar to the amount missing from the petty cash box. Some other items missing from the offices were found outside in a grassy area.

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Andrew Thomson, representing Raistrick, said that Andrews talked him into breaking in and that he was influenced by alcohol.

In court Mr Thomson read out a letter from the director of Dream Windows, who said that Raistrick was reliable and hard-working.

The boss said: "We were very surprised that he should be involved in any incident."

He added that the company would keep Raistrick on in his job.

James Dixon, mitigating for Andrews, a labourer, said: "He has realised what he has done was stupid. It does appear that it was a spur of the moment decision that came out of a drunken stupor.

"It was not premeditated in any way."

He added that the crime was less serious as it was the burglary of a commercial property, not a home.

John Field, chairman of the bench, gave both Andrews and Raistrick a two-year community rehabilitation order.

He also ordered them to share the £400 cost of compensation for breaking the doors and damaging the photocopier and £55 court costs.

Each was fined £227.50.