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IPSWICH: Talented puppeteer Tommy Bradshaw has been delighting children across Suffolk with his performances of seaside favourite Punch and Judy – even though he is just seven years old himself.

The youngster’s fascination with puppets started two years ago at a Halloween show. Since then, he has had three puppets made by local puppeteer Miraker Battey.

With Punch, Judy and the Crocodile in tow, he has been busy touring around Suffolk entertaining children with his fun-filled storytelling.

Plucky Tommy, of Chesterfield Drive, Ipswich, has also wowed hundreds of people at Covent Garden – London’s prime performing spot.

The St Pancras Primary School pupil told The Evening Star how he is never scared about taking to the stage for big audiences.

“I really like doing it and I don’t get scared.

“I don’t like others to get scared so I explain that it’s slapstick and no one really gets hurt,” he said.

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“My friends from school really like it and they come round and watch a show after school.

“Punch and Judy is my favourite one to do, but I also like the puppets that I use for the Three Little Pigs, George and the Dragon, and Murder in the Red Barn.”

Proud mum, Gail, said the whole family was proud he was doing something he loved.

She said: “He has performed all over – at fetes and festivals in Southwold, Walberswick, Felixstowe and Christchurch Park.

“He loves doing it and the people that watch him love the show.

“He really takes on the full character of Punch and Judy.

“His confidence is just amazing, he lights up the stage.”

Imaginative Tommy added: “Sometimes at the end of the show I get people to put sausages into the crocodile’s mouth – then everyone can get involved.”

All of Tommy’s performances are completely free because he is too young to have a licence.

He will perform at the Punch and Judy’s Wacky Warehouse on Grafton Way on Monday.

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