Thaw begins - but more snow on way

TEMPERATURES crept above zero today as snow began to turn to sludge - but many roads are still treacherous and more bad weather could be on the way.

SHEET ice is the latest hazard facing motorists in Suffolk and north Essex as temperatures begin to fluctuate above and below freezing.

Police have urged drivers not to take today's thaw for granted over fears the receding snow may make the roads seem less dangerous.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: “We would ask people not to be complacent with this thaw and to exercise extra caution in the wet and icy conditions.”

A slight respite from the snow was anticipated tomorrow and Tuesday, but there was a possibility of more on Wednesday.

Weather forecaster Steve Western, from Weatherquest, said: “During the day, there will be a slight thaw and then at night it will re-freeze. This will create sheet ice.”

In Felixstowe, Operation Stack remained “technically” in place around the port over the weekend with no new deliveries being taken.

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The gritters were out in force in the two counties over the weekend.

A container ship was due to deliver a week's worth of salt to Ipswich docks tomorrow - but county bosses in Suffolk still feared the Government may seize control of the supply.

The county's A and B roads plus those near emergency services buildings - priority one routes - were due to be treated at 3am tomorrow with parts of the minor road network being dealt with where necessary from 5.30am.

Particular attention will be given to schools which are making every effort to open to allow students to take their AS Level examinations.

Police also issued a warning for all motorists not to leave their cars unlocked with the engine running while defrosting after a Range Rover was stolen from outside a house.

In Essex, there was enough salt for the gritters to cover a reduced network - all A and B roads including routes near emergency services buildings - for the next 10 days.

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