The full list of ungritted roads

A full list of all Suffolk County Council's Priority Two routes for gritting lorries.

This is the full list of Priority two routes in Suffolk:

Route Summary: Sproughton, Bramford, Needham Market

Church Lane to turning head, Leggatt Drive to Fraser Road, Gipping Drive to Leggatt Drive, Fraser Road, Acton Road to B1067, Baylham Street to The Glebe, Chainhouse Road, Foxglove Avenue to Barking Road, Quinton Road and Barratts Lane to High Street, Hurstlea Road, Hawks Mill Street, St Mary's Road to Jacks Green Road, St Mary's Gardens to Hawks Mill Street.

Route Summary: Great Finborough, Haughley, Cotton

Union Road to Starhouse Lane, Starhouse Lane, Forest Road through Onehouse and Harleston to C436 (road to Shelland Green), Shelland Green to Woolpit Road, Lower Road to U4507 junction, Buxhall to B1115 junction at Gt Finborough School, Lower Road to Onehouse Shepherd and Dog PH, B1115, Starhouse Lane to Union Road, Haughley Road to A14, From A14 Haughley New Street to Haughley Park Main Entrance, From Brickwall Farm along Stowmarket Road to Wetherden Maypole PH, Church Street, Base Green to Bacton Road, Plashwood Road and Duke Street to Haughley, The Folly back to main road and around island, Church Road, Chapel Road, Gipping, Old Hundred Lane, Cay Hill, Mendlesham Green, Cay Hill, Denters Hill to Mendlesham Old Station Road, Front Street, Chapel Road, Old Market Street, Front Street, Church St, Brockford Road to A140, Brockford Road, Mendlesham (Buces Hill), Turn left back to Church Street, Chapel Road, road to Chantry Corner, Mendlesham Road, Cotton, Mill Hill, Mill Road, Blacksmith Road to B1113 junction, Parkers Road, Cock Road to Church Road

Route Summary: Burstall, Elmsett, Naughton, Battisford, Barking

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Burstall Lane to Burstall village, Burstall Lane to A1071, Burstall village, Burstall, Aldham to Aldham bus shelter, Eley Corner, Elmsett, Ipswich Road, Elmsett to Burstall Road, Aldham bus shelter, straight on to Redhill Road to A1071 (Hadleigh by-pass), New Road/Lady Lane Industrial Estate (include roundabout) to Lady Lane, The Green & George Street to Magdalen Road

Highlands Road to Station Road, Wentworth Close (part), Buckenham Road, Glanville Road (part), Woodthorpe Road to Station Road, Edwin Panks Road & Taylor Road to Highlands Road, Market Place through to Duke Street, Duke Street, High Street, Bridge Street to Friars Road, Friars Road & Coram Street to A1071 by-pass, Aldham Mill Hill, Whatfield Street, Naughton Road, Naughton Wheelers Public House to B1078, Naughton Village (Wheelers PH), Turn left to B1078, right on B1078 to Ringshall Stocks (School), Turn left, in front of Primary School, cross Lower Farm Road, Battisford Road, Charles Hall Road to Battisford Straight Road, Battisford Straight Road to Valley Road, Valley Road to Church Road, Church Road back to Valley Road, From Church Road up Hascot Hill to B1078 Barking

Route Summary: Bramford, Washbrook, Belstead, Tattingstone, Stutton, Holbrook, Harkstead, Woolverstone

Paper Mill Lane, A14 roundabout to B1067 Bramford, Leggatt Drive to Fraser Road, Fraser Road to Gipping Way, Gipping Way to Leggatt Drive, Fraser Road, Acton Road to B1067, Fitzgerald Road, B1067 to B1113, Church Lane to Gipping Way, Washbrook Street, Back Lane, Elm Lane, Bucks Horn Lane, Old A12 to Belstead Village, C453 through Belstead Village, Grove Hill to Thorington Park junction, Ellenbrook Road, Belstead Village to A137 Wherstead slip road to A137 to White Horse Pub, School Road to Tattingstone Church, Church Road to A137 (Wheatsheaf), Stutton Lane/Bentley Lane to B1080 Stutton, Back Hill to Fir Tree Hill, New Lane, Fishponds Lane to B1080, The Street, Holbrook to Woodlands Road, turn right Woodlands Road to B1080, Ipswich Road, Harkstead, Ipswich Road, Harkstead Lane to B1456 Woolverstone, Freston Street, past Church to Freston Street, to B1080, Wherstead Street to Wherstead Park (Electric Company).

Route Summary: Claydon, Barham, Henley, Creetings, Stowupland, Stowmarket

Church Lane to Slade, York Crescent to Norwich Road, Barham Church Lane to Henley Fiveways, straight over Henley Square to B1078, Clay Lane to Bells Cross, Barham Green to Barham Church Lane, Thornhill Road, Edinburgh Gardens, to York Crescent

Old Norwich Road, to A140, one-way link onto A140 dual carriageway, Flordon Road to Jacks Green, Creeting St Peter Church to Pound Road, through Creeting St Peter to A1120, Old Hundred Lane, Clay Hill to Mendlesham Green to Middlewood Green

Rendall Lane, Gipping Road, Thorney Green Road to B1115 Stowupland Road, Thorney Green back to Thorney Green Road, Creeting Road, Pound Hill, Sheepcoate slip to A14 slip road, Creeting Road to Creeting St Peter junction, All Saints Road to A140

Sandy Lane to Norwich Road, Barham.

Route Summary: Sproughton, Bramford, Needham Market

Rembrow Road to The Street, Thorney Road to Longfield Road (second turning), Longfield Road back round to Thorney Road

Rest of Thorney Road to The Street, Mill Hill to Gt Wenham, Acacia Road to B1070, Hadleigh Road, Elm Road to Gaston Street, Gandish Road straight over B1070, Straight Road to Royal Oak (PH) East End, East End Road and East End Lane round to Park Road, Park Road back to Straight Road, Slough Road to A137 Brantham, Palfrey Heights main spine road, Brooklands Rise, Brooklands Road (part), Palfrey Heights to main spine road, Brooklands Road, New Village to Cattawade Street to roundabout

Road back to Cattawade Street, Factory Lane to end (Wardle Storey's entrance) , East Bergholt, Hadleigh Road/Hughes Road to A12, The Row, Higham Road to Higham village, both sides of island, Higham Road, School Lane to Stratford Upper Street

Lower Raydon, through to Shelley to junction, Stoke Road through Layham village to Duke Street, Hadleigh, B1070 High Street.

Route Summary: Mellis, Brome Village, Weybread, Syleham and Wingfield

Church Street, Mellis Road, Mellis over railway to Wortham, Thrandeston, Rectory Road, Brome with Oakley, The Street, Upper Street, Wingfield Road, Syleham, One Eye Lane, Harleston Road, Withersdale Street, Wingfield Road, to B1118, New Street, Fressingfield, Stradbroke Road to Elsdens Corner, Rattlerow Hill, Pixey Green, Syleham Road, Wingfield Green, Wingfield Road.

Route Summary: Redlingfield, Southholt, Tannington, Wilby, Bedfield, Denham, Hoxne

Cranley Green Road, Mill Road, Church Road, Woodlane Road, Redlingfield, Southolt Road, Athlington, New Road, Worlingworth, Tannington, Tannington Long Road, Wilby to Worlingworth New Road, Church Road, Shop Street, Mill Road, Worlingworth, Southolt Road, Bedfield Road, Southolt Road, Athelington, Worlingworth Road, Horham Road, Denham to B1117 Hoxne Road, Denham, Heckfield Green House, Cross Street, Abbey Hill, Low Street, Hoxne, Nuttery Lane, Eye Road to Low Street, South Green to B1117

Route Summary: Occold, Thorndon, Debenham, Wetheringsett, Mickfield, Kenton, Bedingfield

Occold, Church Street, The Street, Mill Road, Dublin Road, to B1077, Bedlingfield to Oaklands, Kenton, Ashfield Street to A1120, Camp Green to B1077 in Debenham, Low Road, Gardiners Road, Henniker Road, The Butts, Back Lane, Stonham Village Hall, Mickfield Village Park Green to Wetheringsett Church, to A140, Park Green to Wetherup Street, through Aspall to B1077 Debenham.

Route Summary: Yaxley, Thornham, Gislingham, Walsham-le-Willows, Hinderclay, Badwell Ash

Ipswich Road, Yaxley, Major Lane, Thornham, The Street, Thornham Road, High Street, Mill Street, Gislingham, Walsham Road, Finningham Road, The Street, The Cause-way, Palmer Street, Townhouse Road, The Street, Walsham le Willows, Ixworth Road to Maintenance Boundary (West Street), Summer Road, Hinderclay Road, Wattisfield, Wattisfield Road, Hinderclay School Road, Wattisfield Street, Badwell Road, The Street, Badwell Ash, Hunston Road, Elmswell Road, Great Ashfield, Wyverstone Street, Church Road, Long Thurlow, Westhorpe Road, The Broadway, Thwaite Road, Wickham Skeith, Grange Road, Oak Farm, Thwaite, Wickham Road to A140.


Hadleigh Road, Scrivener Road, Scrivener Drive, Shepherds Drive, Belmont Road, Ellenbrook Road, Bridgwater Road,

Ellenbrook Road, Belstead Road, Willoughby Road, Ancaster Road, Gippeswyk Avenue, Birkfield Drive, Manchester Road

Cliff Lane, Foxhall Road bridge only, Darwin Road part only just passed Faraday Road, Grove Lane, Spring Road from Barthomews to St Johns, Humber Doucy Lane, Tud-denham Road to roundabout, Church Lane, Westerfield Road, Bolton Lane, Lower Road, Henley Road to junction Valley Road, Constitution Hill, Rail Overbridge 100m Prior Shafto Road, Bramford Lane to 100m beyond Rail Overbridge.

North East

Constable Road, Corder Road, Borrowdale Avenue, Chelsworth Avenue, Bromeswell Road, Junction Bromeswell Road to Tuddenham Road, Kingsgate Drive, Brunswick Road, Whitby Road, Cemetery Lane, Selkirk Road, Digby Road, Lindsey Road, Glenavon Road, Gleneagles Drive, Sunningdale Avenue, Britannia Road, Parliament Road, Freehold Road, Newbury Road, Freehold Road at junction Parliament Road, Bloomfield Street, Kirby Street, Crabbe Street, Kemball Street, Marlborough Road, Wellesley Road, Nelson Road, Upland Road, Finbars Walk to end, Trafalgar Close, Springfield Close, Warwick Road, Palmerstone Road, Lacey Street, North Hill Road, North Hill Gardens.

North West

Kitchener Road, Norwich Road, Westwood Avenue, Cheltenham Avenue, Baronsdale Close, Queensdale Close, Silverdale Close, Highfield Approach, Chesterfield Drive, Beechcroft Road, Cedarcroft Road, Beechcroft Road, Pinecroft Road, Willowcroft Road, Cedarcroft Road, Rosecroft Road, Palmcroft Road, Dryden Road, Kempton Road, Palmcroft Road, Defoe Road, Epsom Drive, Lambourne Road, Marlow Road, Agate Close, Diamond Close, Coral Drive, Henniker Road, Coral Drive, Highview Road, Pick-wick Road, Lavenham Road, Anita Close West/East

South East

Myrtle Road, Cliff Road, Toller Road, Wroxham Road, Mersey Road, Trent Road, Derwent Road, Hawke Road to junction of Holbrook Road, Frobisher Road, Morland Road, Romney Road, Turner Road to junction of Hossack Road, Nightingale Road, Hossack Road, Coleness Road, Braziers Wood Road, Clapgate Lane, Maryon Road, Campbell Road, Rye Walk, Felix Road, Beatty Road, Shackleton Road, Badshah Avenue, Howe Avenue, Sturdee Avenue, Hillside Crescent, Ramsgate Drive, Ransome Road, Ascot Drive, Blandford Road, Salehurst Road, Cuckfield Avenue, Bridport Avenue, St Augustines Road, Princethorpe Road, Temple Road, Chilton Road, Cavendish Street, Rosehill Crescent, Rosehill Road.

South West

Great Whip Street, Gower Street, Austin Street, Belstead Avenue, Chatsworth Crescent, Broomhayes, Gorsehayes, Heatherhayes, Briarhayes Close, Fritton Close, Neath Drive, Lanercost Way, Winchester Way, Stoke Park Drive, Downside Close, Furness Close, Badgers Bank, Stone Lodge Lane, Grantham Crescent, Sleaford Close, Queenscliffe Road, Stone Lodge Lane West, Campion Road, Hawthorn Drive, Primrose Hill, Violet Close, Thistle Close, Clover Close, Speedwell Road, Campion Road, Harebell Road, Lavender Hill, Pimpernel Road, Lavender Hill, Marigold Avenue, Larkspur Road, Marigold Avenue, Lupin Road, Plover Road, Woodcock Road, Sandpiper Road, Woodcock Road, Birkfield Drive, Annbrook Road, Ritabrook Road, Carolbrook Road, Cambridge Drive, Newnham Court, Chesterton Close, Janebrook Road, Edge-worth Road, Monton Rise, Middleton Close, Royston Drive, Holcombe Crescent, Hale Close.

Town Centre

The Avenue, Elmsmere Road, Woodstone Avenue, Brackenbury Close, Paget Road, Ivry Street, St Edmunds Road, Cumberland Street, Cardigan Street, Oban Street, Redan Street, Cardigan Street, Newson Street, Alpe Street, Barrack Lane, Geneva Road, Cecil Road, St Georges Street, Bedford Street, Old Foundry Road, Northgate Street, Bus Station, Tower Street, Lloyds Avenue, Elm Street, Black Horse Lane, Curriers Lane, Museum Street, Kings Street, Friars Street, Turret Lane, Rose Lane, Wolsey Street, Cecelia Street, Cardinal Street, Handford Road, London Road, Portman Road, Clarkson Street, Granville Street, Benezet Street, Wilberforce Street, Clarkson Street, Burlington Road, Dalton Road, Stevenson Road, Sprites Lane, Wilmslow Drive, Shotley Close, Clifton Way, Eccles Road, Pendleton Road, Belmont Road.

Route Summary: A1214 Cycletrack - Pilborough Walk, Martlesham

Cycleway alongside A1214 crossing all side roads to Heath Lane, Rushmere, Bell Lane RHS, across school frontage to Edmonton Close, Twelve Acre Approach, cycle track and subway, Pilborough Walk to Grange Lane, Dobbs Lane, side road, Heath School, cycleway, Deben Avenue, cycle track past playing field to bollards at Broomfield, Val-iant Road cycleway, The Square/De Brink to Eagle Way roundabout, cycle track through subway, to Portal Avenue Police HQ, shared use footway to A1214.

Route Summary: Rumburgh, Chediston, Cratfield, Ubbetston, Huntingfield

Rumburgh to A144 at Stone Street, Chediston Road B1123 to Cookley Green, to Cratfield, Church Road, Roman Road, Banyards Green to Bickers Hill, Laxfield, Ubbeston to Badingham A1120 junction, through Cratfield, Silver Leys Green, Whittingham Green to B1116 at Fressingfield, through Huntingfield to B1117 at Hevingham, A1120 at Peasenhall, Darsham Street to Church.

Route Summary: Bungay and Beccles

St Margaret's Road to Love Lane, Manor Road, Queens Road, Princes Road, Kings Road to A144, Annis Hill to Vicarage Road, Ilketshall Top Road to Ringsfield Corner to A145, St George's Road, Rigbourne Hill, Coney Hill to Ellough Road, Queen Elizabeth, Oak Lane, Banham Road to Coney Hill, Hillside Avenue, Garden Lane, Manor Lane, Rectory Lane, Castle Hill, Rigbourne Hill to Swines Green, Darby Road, Townlands Drive, Nicholson Drive, Swines Green, St Anne's Road to Ingate, Fredricks Road, Black Boy Meadow loop, Fredicks Road, Ashmans Road, left Ringsfield Rd, South Road, Grange Road, Upper Grange Road to B1062,

Fen Lane, Newmarket to Ballygate, Ringsfield Road right to Ashmans Road, South Road into Ringsfield Road and on to Ringsfield Corner in Ringsfield village.

Route Summary: Halesworth

Bridge at Bramfield to School, Walpole to Sibton, on to A1120, Church Street, Rotten End to A12, Carlton Road to B1121, Clay Hills Railway Bridge, St Johns Road, Rend-ham Road, Albion Street, Station Approach, High Street, Market Place, New Cut, through to Snape Church, Church Farm Road to Seafront, back to Victoria Road, Park Road to A1094, Slaughden car park, Crespigny Road, Lee Road, Alder Lane, to Thorpeness Boating Lake, Knodishall North Green, Yoxford Road, Westleton to Green, East Lane pub turn at Green, back to Leiston Abbey, Back Road, Moor Road to B1122.

Route Summary: Southwold, Dunwich

Sparrowhawk Road to A144, Nollers Lane, Harvest Lane Westhall, Lodge Road to Station Road, Wangford High Street, Church Street, Reydon Green Lane/Covert Road right Jermyn Road left The Firs to School Turning Circle, retrace then left to B1126, Covert Road to B1127, York Road, Godyll Road, Gardiners Road,Ferry Road to Carpark, Queens Street, Victoria Street, East Cliff, North Parade, Pier Avenue, North Green, Fildstile Road, Marlborough Road, East Cliff, Victoria Street, Cumberland Road, Dun-wich Beach Road, left through St Helena back to B1125, Wenhaston Lane, right Hall Road to A12, Wenhaston Lane to B1124 at Blyford.

Route Summary: Rumburgh, The Saints, Homersfield

Back Lane to B1062, Church Hill to Mushroom Farm, The Green, Homersfield back to Mendham Lane, All Saints Common, Undo Lane, St Peters Hall, Ilketshall St Marga-ret to A144 Stone Street, St James to Metfield, Christmas Lane to B1123.

Route Summary: Kessingland, Mutford, Gisleham, Barnby

Hog Lane to Redisham, Ringsfield Corner, Brampton Station to A145, Wangford Road, Uggeshall to A12, Guildhall Lane, Frostenden to Wrentham, Field Lane, Lloyds Ave-nue to Beach Road, Wash Lane, Field Lane back to Lloyds Avenue, Gisleham Road, Right Rushmere Road, Mutford Wood Lane through to B1127, The Street, Barnby to A146 by Garden Centre, Mill Road, Chapel Road, Mutford left to Gisleham, Mutford to B1127 Henstead Street, Wood Lane, Benacre, straight on to Sotterly Common, left to C986 right across Sotterly Low Green to A145 at Willingham.

Route Summary: Halesworth Town, Leiston Town

Durban Close to Bedingfield Crescent to B1117; Dukes Drive to Roman Way, Beech Close, Market Place, Thoroughfare, Bridge Street, Chichester Road, Old Station Road to rail line, Old Station Road to Wissett Road, Wissett Close, Old Station Road, Harrison Lane, Bungay Road to B1123 at Holton, Mill Road, Holton St Mary, Fairview Road to A144, A144 South to Bungay Road, Bungay Road Past School to Railway, Station Road, Landsbury Road, Balance of Bedingfield Crescent, Judith Avenue, Seaward Avenue, Red House Lane.

Route Summary: Brightwell, Kirton, Trimley St Mary, Felixstowe, Newbourne

Newbourne Road, Church Road, Brightwell, Chapel Road, Kirton Road to A14 interchange, Faulkeners Way, Hintlesham Drive, Ferry Lane, Wesel Avenue, Coronation Drive, Waveney Road, Stour Avenue, Wadgate Road, Grange Road, Mill Lane, Garrison Lane, Cobbald Road, Hamilton Road south Wolsey Gardens, South Hill, Beach Station Road, Sea Road, Undercliffe Road, Convalescent Hill, Cobbold Road, Bath Hill, Undercliff Road East, Maybush Lane, Cliff Road, Ferry Road to boatyard, Western Avenue, Cliff Road, Church Road, Ferry Road, Colneis Road, Rosemary Avenue, Colneis Road, Gosford Way, St Martins Green, Mill Lane, Trimley, Ipswich Road, New-bourne.

Route Summary: Martlesham, Waldringfield, Bucklesham, Nacton, Levington, Rushmere St Andrew, Playford, Kesgrave

Felixstowe Road, Anson Road to Tescos roundabout, Anson Road, Gloucester Road, Barrack Square, Newbourne Road, The Heath, School Road, Cliff Road, Waldringfield to boatyard, Mill Road, The Street, Newbourne to Kembroke Hall, Chapel Road, Falkenham Road to junction, Back Road, Innocence Lane, Croft Lane to Bucklesham Road, Ipswich Boundary, Nacton Road, Nacton Street, Levington Road, Bridge Road to old A45, Levington Link, dual carriageway westbound & single carriageway to A1156, dual carriageway eastbound to right turn to Levington, A14 to C361, Chatsworth Drive, Claverton Way, Doctor Watson's Lane, Hall Road to A1214 Main Road, straight over onto Deben Avenue to Gorselands Primary School, Peasey Lane to Cedarwood Primary School, Black Tiles Lane to Beacon Hill Primary School.

Route Summary: Melton, Shottisham, Hollesley, Boyton, Butley, Tunstall Common, Sudbourne, Blaxhall, Stratford St Andrew, Great Glemham, Marlesford, Par-ham, Easton, Kettleburgh

Hollesley Road, turn left into Bushey Lane, Alderton Road, Water Tower, Boyton Road to Capel St Andrew, Boyton to Hollesley Heath, Capel St Andrew, Church Road to B1084, Butley, to Tunstall Common, through Sudbourne to B1069 at Snape, Blaxhall, School Road, Tunstall to B1069, Suffolk Drive, Raedwald Drive to Rendlesham Park Roundabout, Great Glemham, over Parham airfield to A12 at Marlesford, C237 to Easton, C236 to B1116 at Framlingham.

Route Summary: Bredfield, Debach, Burgh, Otley, Cretingham, Earl Soham, Framsden, Brandeston, Kettleburgh, Easton, Glavering, Wickham Market, Charsfield, Hoo, Dallinghoo, Hasketon

C309 Bredfield, Scots Lane, Debach to B1078, U3401 Drabs Lane to B1079, C301 Chapel Road, Otley, Kittles Corner, The Street, Cretingham, Swan lane, Brandeston, C235 to Earl Soham, U4702, U3502 The Street to Cretingham, U3504 Brandeston Road, Old Maid's Lane, C235 Low Lane at Brandeston, Low Lane to C301 Swan Lane junction, Brandeston, Kettleburgh to Easton, C239 The Street, Easton, U2101 Tank Road to B1116 Lower Hacheston, Broad Road, The Hill Square, Dallinghoo Road past Primary School to U3430, The Street, onto C307, past Primary School, to Hoo onto C302, on to U3508 at Abbey Farm, Letheringham, U3509 to B1078, C307 to B1078, Dallinghoo Road, C310 to Bredfield pump corner, Boulge Road, C314 to Manor Road.

Route Summary: Woodbridge, Grundisburgh, Swilland, Clopton, Tuddenham St Martin, Culpho, Playford, Little Bealings, Great Bealings

Pytches Road, Bredfield Road, Haugh Lane, Barton Road, Beresford Drive, Bredfield Road, Bury Hill, Saxon Way, Melton Grange Road, Thoroughfare shopping centre, Hamblin Road, Hasketon Road, Ransom Road to Farlingaye High School, Hasketon Road to A12, Naunton Road into Bullards Lane, Newnham Avenue, Peterhouse Crescent, Cumberland Street, Vicarage Hill, St John's Hill, Castle Street, North Hill, Alice Driver Road to Grundisburgh Primary School, Stoney Road, Charity Farm Road to B1078, High Road to B1077, Market Hill to C323, Tuddenham St Martin, Playford Corner, Butts Road, Playford to C328, Holly Lane, Boot Street, Great Bealings to U3306 Holly Lane, Little Bealings, Station Road.

Route Summary: Lowestoft

Higher Drive, right Woods Loke, Lavenham Way, Claydon Drive, Wenhaston Way, Gloucester Ave, Gorleston Road, Gresham Avenue, Claydon Ave, Orwell Drive, Snape Drive, straight over to end of Union Lane, Crestview Drive towards Weston Avenue, Blyford Road, Weston Road to A12, Blundeston Road, Hall Road to B1074, Blundeston up to Jay Lane, Blocka Road to B1071, Church Road, Pound Lane, Blundeston, Leisure Way, Westhall Road to Spashetts Road, El Alemain Road, Harris Avenue to A12, cross A12 Gunton St Peters Road, Clover Way, Church Lane, Gainsborough Drive, Gunton Church Lane to A12, North Parade, Gunton Cliff, Links Road to Corton Road, Sussex Road, St Margrets Road, Oxford Road, Dukes Head Street, High Street, Grove Road, Gordon Road, Clapham road, Bevan Street East, Clapham Road to Bevan Street, Alexander Road to Katwijk Way, Milton Road East, Minden Road, Love Road, Avondale Road, Sandringham Road, Norwich Road, Trafalgar Street, Norwich Road to San-dringham Road, Beresford Road from Milton Road junction, Winnipeg Road, Church Road, Ipswich Road, St Margrets Road to Somerton Avenue, Ashley Downs to Hollingsworth Road junction.

Route Summary: Waveney

Tower Road, Cooke Road, Pinbush Road, Tower Road to Bloodmoor roundabout, Landsdowne Road, Kilbourne Road, Ship Road, Westwood Avenue, Conrad Road, Burnt Hill Way, Woodpecker Ave, Plover Way, Cotmer Road, Dixon Road, Dell Road, Prospect Drive, Borrow Lane, Caldecott Road, Notley Road, Durban Road, The Avenue, Blackheath Road to Carlton Road, Ranworth Avenue, Winwood Avenue, Broadwater, Westwood Ave, Pinewood Avenue, The Green, Broadwater Ave, Clifford Road, Ashburnham Way, Uplands Close, Mayfield Road, Framfield, Ashburnham Way, Hollowgrove Way, Beccles Road junction, The Street to Hall Road, Mutford Lane back to Chapel Road.

Route Summary: Bury St Edmunds Town, Westley Village

Sebert Road to school, Cannon Street, Garland Street, Lower Baxter Street, High Baxter Street, Hatter Street, Whiting Street, College Street, Guildhall Street from Church-gate to Westgate Street, Bridewell Lane, Angel Lane, Springfield Avenue, Spring Lane, Grove Lane, Grove Park, York Road, Gypsy Lane from B1066, Horscroft Road U7401 to A143 Spread Eagle, Winthrop Road, Constable Road, Westgarth Gardens, Winthrop Road, Maltward Avenue, Starre Road, Huntingfield Road, Manderville Road, Pembroke Road, Wigston Road, Priors Avenue, Highbury Road, Gainsborough Road, Willcox Avenue, Crematorium to Risby Green, Suffolk Road, Waveney Road (part), Anselm Road, Bunbury Road, Mitchell Avenue, Derwent Road, Curtis Rd, Tennyson Road, Norfolk Road, Northgate Avenue.

Route Summary: Chevington, Chedburgh, Wickhambrook, Rede

C659 Coalpit Lane to A14, Higham Toll, C659 to Wickhambrook, U7061 on to B1063, C664 Cemetery Road, C659 to Wickham Street, A143, C676 to Stansfield Windmill right through Poslingford to B1063, C681 through Hawkedon, C679 to Rede and on to A143 junction, C661 Brooks Corner to Town Office Green.

Route Summary: Newmarket

Depden village, U7064 Chevington Road, Ousden Front Street, Ousden to B1085 Cropley Grove, Newmarket Road, Moulton Road, Newmarket, Station Car Park, Station Approach, Black Bear Lane, Valley Way, Manderston Road, Edinburgh Road, Hamilton Road, Windsor Road, Princess Way, Edinburgh Road, St Phillips Road, Elizabeth Avenue, Norfolk Avenue, Churchill Avenue, Fielden Way, Norfolk Avenue, Suffolk Way, Brickfields Avenue, Hyperion Way, Studlands Park Avenue, Chapel Street, Ducks Lane, C660 from Kirtling War Memorial through Cowlinge to A143.

Route Summary: Haverhill, Hundon, Clare

U7160 Bury Road, Gt Wratting, Withersfield Road, Rose Hill, Rose Green, Turnpike Hill, Queens Lane, Withersfield to Haverhill, C668 and C669 to boundary Silver Street, C668 Church Street, Withersfield, Howe Avenue, Arrendene Road, Chapple Drive, Trinity Link, Abbotts Road, Minster Road, Abbotts Road, Ann Suckling Road, Falklands Road, Mill Road Hundon, Hundon Road Clare, Lower Street, North Street, Upper Street, Hundon, C672 Chilton Street to C673, Valley Road, Grays Lane to A143.

Route Summary: Preston St Mary, Felsham, Cockfield, the Bradfields, Rougham

C702 Lower Street, The Street, Preston St Mary C702, Bury Road, The Street, Church Road, Brettenham, Hightown Green, Mill Hill, Rattlesden, Felsham Road, Rattlesden, Church Road, Felsham, Cockfield Road, Great Green, Cockfield, C697, Bury Road, Bradfield St Clare to A134, A134 northbound towards Bury, C695 Little Welnetham, Felsham Road, Bradfield St George, to Hubbards Corner, Hessett Road, Manor Road, The Green C427 The Street, Hessett to White Horse Beyton, C694, New Road, Moat Lane, Charin Road, Kingshall Street, Chapel Road, Church Road, Bradfield, C695, C427 Gedding to Felsham Green, Great Green, Church Road, Howe Lane, Cockfield C698 to A1141, Lower Road, Lavenham.

Route Summary: Sudbury, Acton, Lavenham

Acton High Street, C713 to B1115, Waldingfield Road, Elm Road, Hillside Road, Poplar Road, Pot Kiln Road, Highbury Road to Canham Road, Raydon Way, Pot Kiln Road, Stannard Way, Church Road, Broom Street, Wells Hall Road, Blackhouse Lane, Chaucher Road, Canterbury Road, Barrow Hill, Slough Lane.

Route Summary: Boxford, Groton, Leavenheath, Bures, Nayland

Milden Road, Milden Street, Church Street, Boxford Road, Milden, Groton Street, Swan Street, Church Square, Church Hill, Boxford to A1071, Stone Street, Brick Kiln Lane C731 to B1068, The Street, Assington, Stoke Road, Cuckoo Hill, Bures, Nayland Road, Clickett Hill, Bures Road, Wiston Road, Nayland, High Street, Mill Street, Court Street, Broad Street, Nayland, School Street, Stoke by Nayland, Rectory Hill, Mill Street, Water Lane, Homey Bridge, Polstead, Holt Road to Honey Tye, Sand Hill, Ellis Street, Cox Hill to Church Hill, C722 Boxford to Kersey, Kersey Street, C725 to A1141, C722 into village, Kersey Street, C715 to Folly Road and on to B1115 at Walding-field.

Route Summary: Sudbury, Acton, Lavenham

Constitution Hill, Ingrams Well Road, North Street, right Suffolk Road, Humphrey Road, York Road, Middleton Road to The Grove, Lark Rise, Meadow View Road, Hall Rise, Croft Rise, Meadow View Road, Walnut Tree Lane, Croft Road into car park, New Street, North Street to Suffolk Road, Queens Road, Woodhall Road, Churchill Drive, Uplands Crescent, Upper East Street to B1115.

Route Summary: Holywell Row, Beck Row, Brandon, Lakenheath

C616 to A11, The Street, Crown Street, Manor Road, Church Road to A1065, Brandon, Rattlers Road, Santon Downham, The Paddocks, St Benedict's Road, St Dominic's Drive, St Anthony's Way, St Nicholas Way, St Benedict's Road, St Domonics Way, Thetford Road to Knappers Way, Highbury Road, Wimbledon Avenue, Norwood Road, Mill Road, Highfields, Broom Road to B1112, C600 Stallode, Newmers, Highbridge Gravel Drove, Farthing Drove, Sedge Fen to A1101 at Shippea Hill.

Route Summary: West Row, Worlington, Risby, West Stow, Flempton

C616 to A1065, St Johns Close to school, Girton Close to School, Queensway, West Row Road, left, Chapel Road (part), Pot Hall Road, Bargate Road, Eldo Road, Church Road, Friday Street, Chapel Road, Beeches Road, Hurdle Drove to A1101, Mildenhall Road to Chapel Road, Cricks Road, Eldo Road, Ferry Lane, Judes Ferry, Worlington C608 to B1103 Worlington, C603, turn left Beck Road, Freckenham Road, A11 interchange mini roundabouts, Warren Road, Herringswell Road, C612 to Moorland Stud, C631 from Rampart Field to West Stow village, left U6299, past Chimney Mills to Fornham Park, C631 from B1106 to West Stow Church, C631 to A1101, right to Flempton Crossroads, Flempton Road to Risby Green, Cavenham to Tuddenham Church, Newmarket Road, The Street, Station Road, Barton Mills to B1103.

Route Summary: Thurston, Pakenham, Ixworth, Hepworth, Coney Weston, Honington

Pakenham Road, The Street, Pakenham, Bull Road, Stowlangtoft, Walsham Road, Ixworth Road, Walsham C645 to Walsham Sumner Road, Upthorpe Road to village and industrial estate, Old Bury Road to A143, Hepworth Street, Hepworth Road, Barningham, Church Road, Coney Weston Road, Barningham, Thetford Road, Coney Weston, Spaldings Chair Hill, Knettishall, Norwich Lane, Knettishall, Spring Road, Up Street C642, Quaker Lane, Low Street, Bardwell to A1088, Thetford Road, Ixworth, Troston Road, Honington, Green Lane to Rymer Point, A134 to Fornham Road, roundabout Barton Hill, Fornham Road, Gt Barton, A143 left B1106 to School Road, School Rd A143 to Sow Lane via East Barton.

Route Summary: Thurston, Woolpit, Rattlesden, Elmswell

Sandy Lane, School Road, left Church Road, left Norton Road to Barton Road, Stowmarket Road, Rattlesden, Onehouse Road, Shelley, The Heath, Woolpit to Green Road, Green Road from C734 junction, Wetherden Road, Elmswell to U4620, Station Road, Elmswell, Ashfield Road to Norton Road junction (Haugh Green), Ashfield Road, Richer Road, Hunston Road, Badwell Ash from Westley Way, The Street, Hunston to A1088, Thurston Road, Norton, Norton Road, Thurston, C559 to Sandy Lane.

Route Summary: Bridge Street, Stanningfield, Nowton, Bradfield Combust

Nowton Road, Bury Road, Hawstead, Lawshall Road, Bury Road, Lawshall, Little Chadacre, Hanningfield Green, U7441 to A134, Bridge Street, Aveley Lane, Shimpling to Chadacre junction, Shrimpling Street to A134, Hanningfield Green, Harrow Green to C684, U7439 back to Harrow Green, Stanningfield, Doctors Lane, Old Lane left Bury Road, Bradfield Combust, Stanningfield Road, Welnetham to A134, Chapel Road, Bradfield Combust, Bury Road to Old Lane junction, Nowton Lodge to Bury Road, Haw-stead.

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