The good, the bad and the so-so of the Ipswich election count

The local election counts at Ipswich Corn Exchange.

The local election counts at Ipswich Corn Exchange.

Ipswich Labour Party was enjoying the satisfaction of victory on Friday after they made significant gains in the borough elections.

They won two seats from the Tories – in Sprites and Holywells, a seat they had never won before – and fought off a determined effort by the Conservatives to win in Stoke Park.

The Tories’ night was made worse when they failed to take St Margaret’s from the Liberal Democrats.

There was more bad news for the Tories on Friday morning when the lost the Haverhill Cangle by-election for a county council seat, meaning they will no longer have a majority at Endeavour House and will have to try to run a minority administration until next May’s elections.

The did, however, hold the Ipswich Bixley county council seat in the by-election there.

Ipswich Borough Council election results:

Alexandra Ward: Adam Leeder (L) 1,019; Chandima Perera (C) 478; Barry Broom (G) 219; Ken Toye (LD) 177. L majority 541. Turn out: 31%

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Bixley Ward: John Carnall (C) 1,152; Paul Anderson (L) 625; David Hurlbut (UKIP) 307, Colin Boyd (LD) 155. C majority 527. Turn out: 41%

Bridge Ward: Bryony Rudkin (L) 887; Richard Dighton (C) 419; Charlotte Armstrong (G); Tim Lockington (LD) 100; L majority 468. Turn out: 27%

Castle Hill Ward (two council seats): Ian Fisher (C) 823; Robin Vickery (C) 748; Annabel Mednick (L) 529, John Harris (L) 451; Pippa Gordon (UKIP) 420; Malcolm Mitchell (LD) 230; Liz Smith (G) 196.Turn out: 34%

Gainsborough Ward: Stephen Connelly (L) 1,059; Quaid Combstock (C) 494. L majority 565. Turn out: 27%

Gipping Ward: David Ellesmere (L) 896; Kevin Algar (C) 434; Shaun McDonald (G) 144; Conrad Packwood (LD) 99. L majority 462. Turn out: 28%

Holywells Ward: Barry Studd (L) 827; Heather Mills (C) 817; Tom Wilmot (G) 142; Robert Chambers (LD) 131. L majority 10. Turn out: 35%

Priory Heath Ward: Sarah Barber (L) 1,026; Andy Shannon (C) 558; Paul Grange (LD) 148. L majority 468. Turn out: 28%

Rushmere Ward: Alasdair Ross (L) 1,285; Paul Cawthorn (C) 712; Maxwell Phillips (G) 125; Nick Jacob (LD) 109; L majority 573. Turn out: 38%

Sprites Ward: Colin Smart (L) 895; Bob Hall (C) 603; Alan Cotterell (UKIP) 372; Gareth Jones (LD) 38. L Majority 292. Turn out: 38%

St John’s Ward: Neil Macdonald (L) 1,261; Jose Esteves (C) 660; Ned Harrison (G) 173; Robin Whitmore (LD) 102. L majority 601. Turn out: 35%

St Margaret’s Ward: Oliver Holmes (LD) 1,068; Steve Hardman (C) 896; Steven Reynolds (L) 588; Andrew Iddon (UKIP) 178; Kirsty Wilmot (G) 133. LD majority 172. Turn out: 47%

Stoke Park Ward: Tracy Grant (L) 835; Ben Harvey (C) 815; Trevor Powell (LD) 137. L majority 20. Turn out: 35%

Westgate Ward: Carole Jones (L) 865; Mark Felix-Thomas (C) 330; Martin Hore (LD) 193; John Mann (G) 124. L majority 535. Turn out: 26%

Whitehouse Ward: Glen Chisholm (L) 773; Eric Pearl (UKIP) 385; David Heffer (C) 333; Tony Dooley (G) 50; Julie Fletcher (LD) 42. L majority 388. Turn out: 27%

Whitton Ward: Sophie Meudec (L) 833; John Downie (C) 535; Tony Gould (UKIP) 356; Moira Kleissner (LD) 102. L majority 298. Turn out: 32%.