Then and now: Ipswich docks, Tower Ramparts and the Station Hotel

A look down the docks and at the building which is now Waterfront House

A look down the docks and at the building which is now Waterfront House - Credit: Archant

We’ve recreated some fantastic pictures of Ipswich landmarks taken from our archives, and turned them into interactive ‘then and now’ photo sliders.

There is no denying that the face of Ipswich has changed tremendously over the last few decades, from the transformation of the docks to Tower Ramparts changing from a school to a shopping centre.

It is amazing to see how much the town has changed.

Do you remember when barges and ships used to come to Ipswich from all other the world to deliver goods? Now it is a popular destination for families and tourists alike for its variety of restaurants and bars with a fantastic view.

These photographs have captured just how different our town looks today. Simply drag the slider across the picture to compare our pictures taken this week to those from our archives.

To share your ideas for future comparisons, or to send us your nostalgic pictures to help us gather before and after shots, send us an email.

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