There are growing numbers of craftworkers and makers locally

Simply Personalized craft shop and centre, Owner Angel Button with children Leanne, Deanna and Curti

Simply Personalized craft shop and centre, Owner Angel Button with children Leanne, Deanna and Curtis - Credit: Archant

Angel is flying high with her Ipswich craft shop

Craft shop owner Angel Button

Craft shop owner Angel Button - Credit: Archant

Ipswich mother-of-three Angel Button has always wanted to run her own shop.

Now, with the encouragment of her partner Justin, and their children, she now has opened own craft and handmade goods shop, Simpy Personalized, in Woodbridge Road.

Angel, *Yes often people often get her name wrong and call her Angela), and her surname is the ideal name for a craft shop owner - Button.

There are loads of buttons involved in the knitwear and other items that represent the skills of many a local artist and craftworker.

Angel said: “It has always been a dream for me, to open my own shop, for the last ten years.

“I have been working at home, and bringing up the children.

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“Now with my youngest daughter, Deanna, starting High School it was the right time.

“We went for one shop, and lost that one last summer.

“We could have given up then, but we found this. So we have gone for it.”

Her partner Justin Barber and the three children had been very supportive, she said.

“He has helped and encouraged me and he fitted out the shop.

“My children nagged me too, to get on with it.

“I wouldn’t be opening the shop here, without them. My landlady Petra Shelley has been absolutelly fabulous too.””

There are all sorts of craft and handmade other items in the shop, from woodwork to knitwear and soft furnishings, cards and decopage and jewellery to origami objects.

There are personalised toys and many other gift items.

Angel herself makes individual decorative items in glass with LED bulbs.

“They have been very popular especially at Chritsmas,” she said.

They opened the shop in November, and had been pleasantly pleased by the immediate response, she said.

“It was really busy before Christmas. January was a bit slower and it has picked up very well.”

The shop was large enough to host craft workshops and classes, she said, and there would be more of them.

“We have had them at half-term aimed at children, and at other times including evenings.”

On Mondays there is a Knit and Knatter session where people can turn up and help to knit blankets for dogs at Battersea Dogs Home.

“We will be having more craft workshops, and we have parking at Barclays Bank allowed for evening events.”

The family links continue at the shop, as Angel has persuaded her mum, Vanessa Button, to become involved. Vanessa now has a shelf dispaying her own handicraft items.

“It is going very well,” added Angel, “We have about 40 different people with shelves so far.”