They’re keen to clean

ipswich: Residents threw out everything including the kitchen sink when they took advantage of a community clean-up day.

Unwanted sofas, carpets, a massive teddy bear and even a wheelchair were bunged into four huge skips on the Whitton estate.

Some of it went to landfill, but much was recycled or given to good causes. One man made a bicycle cobbled together from dumped parts.

The project, held on Tuesday, was organised by the borough council’s community caretakers and the Whitton Residents’ Association to keep the area tidy and educate people on the virtues of recycling.

Kevin Gleed, community caretaker supervisor for Ipswich Borough Council, said: “There were four big skips which were filled up.

“Carpets, beds, sofas and a bathroom suite went in there. There was even a kitchen sink. We try to re-use what we can.”

Tenants were notified ahead of the day to encourage them to get rid of as much junk as possible.

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They could either take it to skips in Spenser Road or have it collected by the community caretakers, which proved particularly valuable for the elderly or vulnerable.

A number of items were also hoiked out of front gardens.

Mr Gleed said: “We leafleted all the council properties on the estate to tell them.

“We have a yearly collection day on the estate to try to make a difference and keep it tidy.

“We try to educate people to recycle items as well.”

The community caretakers will hold their next clean-up day in the Rendlesham Court and Wellington Court area on September 20.

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