5 ways brilliant Chantry is bringing the community together this summer

Ozzie Bozdag along with other members of the Chantry community

Ozzie Bozdag of Codfellas along with other members of the Chantry community is leading the charge to run events and raise money for those most in need. - Credit: Archant

A group of passionate Chantry champions has big plans to bring the community together on the Ipswich estate. 

Chantry Library manager Vicki Mann is running a series of events this summer.

Chantry Library manager Vicki Mann has brought back cancer meet-ups, baby and mum groups and arts and crafts after Covid - Credit: Archant

Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive Surgery, Stone Lodge Community Centre, local associations and businesses are all trying to push the message that there is a lot of support and things to do locally. 

Manager at Chantry Library Vicki Mann said: "There are so many organisations and people out there wanting to do good. It's about getting the right message out. 

"What I've witnessed is the fact that there is a lot of organisations are very protective. They're wanting to do a good thing, which is great, but they're not wanting to share that. 

"You cannot change something on your own you need to work with your community.

"There was someone who believed in me and opened up opportunities for me and I want to give back to that."

A well-being event Community Coming Together will take place on August 22 from 11am to 4pm at the Chantry Library to show off this work. 

Representatives from across Chantry in Ipswich say there is a lot on offer. 

The Willows Primary School children designed the posters for the Community Coming Together event at Chantry Library on August 22 - Credit: Archant

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There are lots of activities planned along with a car boot sale, delicious food stalls and a chance to meet local volunteers. 

Mrs Debbie Finch, integrated social prescriber at Hawthorn Drive Surgery

Debbie Finch, integrated social prescriber at Hawthorn Drive Surgery - Credit: Archant

"It's a chance to say thank you to all those services we've had to call over the last year," Debbie Finch, integrated social prescriber at Hawthorn Drive Surgery, who started two weeks before lockdown, added. "Without the Bus Shelter, my patients wouldn't have been able to eat.

"We've called on literally every agency around during the pandemic."

She added: "People need to realise that the library is not just a library but a community hub. You can get help, cry, have a natter and get a coffee."

Not content with having this big event, the library has also seen the return of a cancer support group and bingo on Mondays, social prescribers and natural explorers on Tuesday, Work Well Suffolk on Wednesday, Thursday morning is singing, me, myself and baby on Friday and Sunday is funky junk craft. 

And is organising a six-week summer club with free meals for kids and parents from July 27 where you can just show up from 9.30am to 1pm every Tuesday at Chantry Library. 

Mrs Natalie Smith from Stone Lodge Community Centre

Natalie Smith from Stone Lodge Community Centre - Credit: Archant

Stone Lodge Community Centre has also returned, providing a much-needed refuge for the elderly community to have bingo, have a drink, watch football or listen to music.  

"We're now trying to get people out and back together," Natalie Smith from Stone Lodge Community Centre said. "The number of people I've cared for, cooked meals for and we've lost over the last year. 

"Each people do a little a bit and that just helps [the community]."

Ozzie Bozdag, owner of Codfellas fish and chip shop in Ipswich which is celebrating it's fourth anni

Codfellas owner Ozzie Bozdag was inspired by his grandfather's community spirit to give back to the Chantry community, who support his business - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Fish and chip shop Codfellas owner Ozzie Bozdag, known as the community gem, has started a giving box and donated his own money to fund future events and services in Chantry. 

"It's to shake things up and show businesses we are nothing without our community", Mr Bozdag added. 

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