Thousands of fake Heelys childrens trainers seized at Felixstowe

A pair of the rogue trainers found at Felixstowe

A pair of the rogue trainers found at Felixstowe - Credit: Archant

Christmas shoppers are being warned after nearly 8,000 pairs of counterfeit trainers worth almost £400,000 were seized at Felixstowe docks.

One of the boxes seized

One of the boxes seized - Credit: Archant

Officials are urging the public not to buy bargain-priced bootlegged goods this festive season.

A total of 7,827 pairs of fake Heelys children’s trainers were found in a consignment which smugglers attempted to bring into the country through Felixstowe.

Brazenly they made no attempt to disguise the shoes described the cover load on the manifest as ‘trainers’ despite them being counterfeit.

In the genuine articles the rollers in the shoe can be removed. In the fakes the rollers could not be removed.

Border Force officials have said the goods were worth £391,350.

A spokesman said they were imported from China and were destined for Bradford.

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He added the trainers will now be destroyed.

No one has been arrested in connection with the seizure, which occurred last month.

However, the details have been pass on to the Trademark holders who may decide to try to take the matter further.

Border Force officers said they have seized thousands of fake goods at the UK ports, airports and postal hubs.

In the financial year 2014-15 Border Force detained over 1.6 million Intellectual Property (IP) infringing goods with a genuine retail value of £56 million.

Emma Porter, of the Border Force, said: “Counterfeiters will look to capitalise and cash in where there is a demand for a product. “We urge consumers to be careful with their purchases. If the price appears too good to be true – either at a car boot sale, a market stall or online – it probably is.”

Anyone who has been sold counterfeit goods or knows someone who is selling them should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.