Thousands of litres of water leaking onto road at Ipswich railway station

Water has been flowing from a leak at Ipswich station entrance since November.

Water has been flowing from a leak at Ipswich station entrance since November. - Credit: Archant

Water has been leaking from an underground pipe for weeks at Ipswich railway station – but there’s no agreement on who is responsible for it or on when it will be repaired.

Thousands of litres of water have been lost – and during last week’s cold spell it froze causing ice to form.

There are fears that if there is a longer cold spell before it is repaired cars could skid on their way into the station car park – or someone could fall over and break a limb.

The leak is at the road entrance to the station car park and short-term waiting area off Burrell Road and taxi drivers first noticed it three or four weeks ago.

Driver Jock Davies said: “There was a chap from Anglian Water over here about a week ago. He looked at it, took a photograph or two and disappeared. That probably means it will be weeks before anything is done!”

A spokeswoman for Anglian Water confirmed that a member of staff had visited the leak – but because it was on private property it was not the company’s responsibility.

She said it was for the authorities at the station to repair.

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The leak came to light as contractors employed by Suffolk County Council are rebuilding the forecourt at the station.

The road entrance to the car park has had work – but it is not clear whether this caused the leak.

A spokeswoman for Greater Anglia said: “We are are aware of the leak. We are currently investigating it with Anglian Water so that it can be repaired.”

However Anglian Water indicated said the leak was not their responsibility and did not need further attention from them.

And a county council spokesman said their contractors had discovered the leak.

He said: “The seal has broken on a pipe, but it was like that before it was found by the contractors and we told the station management about it.”

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