Half a million pounds of Premium Bond prizes unclaimed in Suffolk

Thousands of pounds worth of Premium Bonds prizes are yet to be claimed in Suffolk Picture: GETTY IM

Thousands of pounds worth of Premium Bonds prizes are yet to be claimed in Suffolk Picture: GETTY IMAGES - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

More than £500,000 worth of Premium Bond prizes remain unclaimed in Suffolk - could you be in for a cash windfall?

The oldest unclaimed prize dates back to May 1967, with the winner in for a prize of £25.

More than 14,000 prizes are still to be claimed in Suffolk, out of a total of £60 million across the UK.

It comes as Premium Bonds’ organisers National Savings and Investments (NS&I) replace its current random number generator machine ERNIE 4- which has been drawing the lucky numbers for the last 15 years.

It will be replaced by its fifth incarnation, using state-of-the-art quantum technology to generate the growing volume of numbers for each prize draw.

Jill Waters, (NS&I) retail director said: “ERNIE 4 brought prize-winning joy to Suffolk, but there are still many prizes waiting to be united with their rightful owners.

“Prizes often become unclaimed as a result of people moving house, or forgetting that Bonds have been bought for them as a child, or executors are unaware the Bonds are held when someone dies. “By opting to manage your Premium Bonds online you could reduce the risk of missing out on prizes as they can be directly paid into your bank account or they can be reinvested into your Premium Bonds account.”

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The biggest prizes include four of £1,000 each - the oldest being from May 1986 and the most recent April 1999.

To see if you have a unclaimed prize waiting for you, visit www.nsandi.com or write to NS&I, Glasgow, G58 1SB.

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