Three alleged drug dealers stopped in Felixstowe, court hears

The men were stopped in Langley Avenue, Felixstowe

The men were stopped in Langley Avenue, Felixstowe

Police who searched three men in a car in Felixstowe found drugs they were planning to sell, it has been alleged.

Officers stopped the car containing five men at 12.45 pm on November 3 in Langley Avenue and noticed the smell of cannabis, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

When they asked the occupants if they had anything on them they shouldn’t have two of them handed over knives, said Nicola Devas, prosecuting.

A search of the car revealed 3g of skunk cannabis worth £30-£45 and 1.5g of cocaine worth between £60-£75.

Police arrested Nicholas Ryan, Ricky Day and Samuel Hughes and when Ryan was searched a bag of herbal cannabis was found in his boxer shorts and a small amount of amphetamine was found on Hughes, said Miss Devas.

A bag containing 1.4g of cannabis was also found on Day.

Day and Hughes each had around £100 cash on them and all three defendants had mobile phones which were seized by police officers.

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“We say that cash was found on their person because that’s a feature of drug dealing. You deal in cash, you don’t pay by cheque or standing order. It’s a cash run business,” said Miss Devas.

She said that when the defendants’ homes were searched police discovered electronic scales and plastic bags which she claimed were also features of drug dealing.

Hughes, 26, and Day, 27, both of Coronation Drive, Felixstowe and Ryan, 25, of Thorn Way, Felixstowe have denied possessing cocaine and amphetamine with intent to supply on November 3 last year.

Hughes and Ryan have also denied possessing cannabis with intent to supply and having an article with a blade in Langley Avenue, Felixstowe on November 3.

The court has heard that Day has admitted possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

During police interviews all three defendants denied possessing drugs with intent to supply and claimed the drugs were for their own use.

The trial continues today.