Thugs beat up Ipswich man

A MAN curled up in a ball to protect himself while two thugs repeatedly kicked him in an Ipswich street, a court has heard.

A MAN curled up in a ball to protect himself while two thugs repeatedly kicked him in an Ipswich street, a court has heard.

One of the attackers was on police bail for robbing an Ipswich taxi driver in a vicious assault in which he was continuously punched and hit with a vodka bottle.

Richard McCleary pleaded guilty to robbing taxi driver Miqdad Kharshed in April and he and Darryl Malone admitted unlawfully wounding Peter Skowronski in July.

Both attacks took place outside Rasputin's store in St Matthews Street, Ipswich.

Michael Crimp prosecuting at Ipswich Crown Court said the taxi driver took two women and McCleary from Old Foundry Road to Norwich Road.

Once there McCleary hit him several times in the face with a vodka bottle, punched him repeatedly even after he managed to get out of the car and cracked his windscreen. McCleary then stole the driver's satellite navigator before running off.

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Mr Crimp said while McCleary was on bail for that offence he and Malone attacked Mr Skowronski. He said 17-year-old Malone began the assault and 20-year-old McCleary joined in kicking their victim as he lay curled up on the pavement trying to protect his head before he passed out.

Mr Crimp said Malone was heard telling McCleary “keep kicking”.

The attack shocked a passing police officer and his colleague who saw Malone lift his foot up and stamp down on the man's head twice with force.

Jonathan Seely, for McCleary, of Edgeworth Road, Ipswich, said his client was “egged on” by his co-defendant. “He said 'when I'm not drinking very large quantities I would not dream of acting in such a way',” said Mr Seely.

Joanne Eley, for Malone, of London Road, Ipswich, said her client had also been drinking and had no memory of what happened but was “disgusted” with his behaviour.

She said he had not taken his medication for ADHD and believed this had added to his violent behaviour.

Judge John Devaux said being drunk and not taking medication were aggravating rather than mitigating factors.

McCleary, who had a record for violence was jailed for five years. Malone, who had a lesser criminal record, was sentenced to 12 months detention and training in a young offenders' institute.

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