Tickles shakes away the winter blues

It’s been an exciting, eventful few months for Tickles, as Daisy Kingham has been discovering.

Since the start of the year, we’ve worked with over 50 businesses, sold hundreds of vouchers and saved our customers thousands of pounds with our amazing deals. With three great offers a week, all at 50% off or more, our Tickles community keeps growing, and we add dozens of new, local members every day!

One of our most successful ventures was the partnership we set up with Shakeaway, selling 195 vouchers for half-price shakes through our site!

I went down to Shakeaway to chat with manager, Ian Archer, to find why he decided to partner with Tickles.

“I opened Shakeaway Ipswich over two years ago with my business partner, Chris Schulen. Since then we’ve seen great passing trade, and have lots of regular customers who enjoy our shakes. But it’s always good to get the name out, and to let more people know where we are, and what we do. Tickles is the perfect way to get our name out without any risk, and they have a really strong local connection, which is important to a small business.”

I asked Ian how he found the experience of running a deal, “It was really simple and easy, and we’d definitely consider partnering with Tickles again. A good number of people became regular customers when we worked with you last year, and we decided to use Tickles rather than a national brand, as we are more likely to attract local people.”

Ian happily told me: “We were surprised and delighted with the amazing result we had, and look forward to meeting all our new customers!”

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You can find Shakeaway in the Buttermarket, or check out their website at www.shakeaway.com. And whilst you’re browsing, why not go to www.tickles.co.uk/ipswich, and sign up to receive local deals, direct to your inbox!

If you run a local business and would like to talk to me about how Tickles works, or you’ve had a great experience after buying a voucher, give me a call on 07712 787576, or drop me an e-mail at daisy@tickles.co.uk