Time for change... to the time itself!

TOMORROW is one of my favourite days of the year as the clocks finally spring forward and we emerge from the horrors of Greenwich Misery Time.

At last it will be light until after the end of the One Show. In fact it will be possible to mow the lawn after I get home from work (and it is finally starting to look as if it needs it).

I do like putting the clocks forward – it’s something I think we should stick with.

But on this subject, I’m afraid I’m a bit of a European. I really wish we weren’t starting from here!

It’s about time Britain adopted the same time zone as the rest of western Europe which is one hour ahead of us throughout the year.

They exist on British Summer Time during the winter and double BST during the summer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to still have sunshine at 10.15pm in the middle of summer? What on earth is the point in having the sun come up just after 4.30am in June? All that does is to wake up all the birds causing a massive disturbance!

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I know that parents with young children have difficulty in getting them to sleep while the evenings are still light (I remember that from our own kids) but it is a problem that only exists for a few weeks and a few years.

And I’m afraid I don’t really have too much patience with the whingeing of the sheep farmers in northern Scotland – if the object to the sun coming up late in the winter then they could start work a bit later. They’ll have an hour more sunlight in the afternoon like the rest of us!

It’s not right for the rest of the country to be plunged into longer nights just to satisfy the alarm clocks of a small bunch of farmers who are totally unrepresentative of the rest of the country.

And if they moan about the dangers of school children facing dangers from walking to classes in the dark then the solution is obvious – in the small number of schools in the Highlands and Islands the school day could start an hour later in the winter!

So let’s change time for the good of everyone – and in the meantime here’s to the arrival of spring!