Time to find that old friend

EVER wondered about rekindling an old romance? Ever thought about those people you used to work with? Or even played in the same team with? During this festive season, why not take a closer look at our Finding Friends service - it might just have the answer.

EVER wondered about rekindling an old romance? Ever thought about those people you used to work with? Or even played in the same team with? During this festive season, why not take a closer look at our Finding Friends service - it might just have the answer. Today JAMES MARSTON finds out more.

WE all lose touch with people, it's a fact of life.

A past lover, an old friend, a work colleague, a team mate, as life takes us in different directions it can also take us away from those we once knew so well. But today, thanks to the miracle of the internet, it's much easier to find those people you once thought you might never see again.

And on our website - which is now visited by thousands of people a day - Finding Friends is one of the most popular sections.

James Goffin, Evening Star website editor said: “Around 90,000 people visit the Evening Star website every month, and the Finding Friends forum is one of the most popular parts of the site.

“It's particularly popular with people who have moved away from the area and want to reconnect with old friends. Sometimes people have just moved a few miles away but there are also a lot of messages from around the world, especially ex-service personnel who were stationed in Suffolk.

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“It's a really friendly community, but if people prefer to reply privately you can send messages direct to individuals as well. You can visit the Finding Friends forum by click on the link on the front page of the Evening Star website at www.eveningstar.co.uk .”

And here are just a few examples of people using the Finding Friends service.

Peter Turtill

Stan Bird had a truck repair yard at the very end of Clapgate Lane Ipswich.

I believe he is deceased but he had a son who I am keen to get in touch with but I no longer remember his name as it is many years since we raced motor cycles at Brazier Wood. If anybody know him please tell him I want to make contact again please or even better send me his e-mail or address. peterturtill@hotmail.com


Looking for Kathy Brown who lived in Martlesham in the 70s.


I'm looking for my 3 daughters that lived in Ipswich in 2000 with there Dad. Their names are Julianne Hill, Tammy Hill, Leanne Hill. I have not seen them since 2001 if anyone knows about them or have been to school with them get in contact with me also if anyone knows there dad Mark Hill then email me at julbirt@aol.com

Colin Rundle

I'm Colin Rundle was an apprentice at jubys on whitehouse road 1960 been living in north Yorkshire for the last 38years contact me colpat44@tiscali.co.uk

Bazza 31

Anyone out there use to frequent "the ghanian", "sands", "the tartan" or "the saint"!!!!...after that , on a Saturday it was off to the Woodbridge Sun,or Framlingham assembly hall or Aldeburgh jubilee hall or Bawdsey star. Those were the days... where`s that time gone?!

Dave Furze

I am trying to find David B Cooper ex 2RTR if any body knows where to get in touch with him please email me at furzem@aol.com


The Finding Friends forum is a great way of catching up with old friends and relatives and is generally a fun and safe place to visit - but remember when posting that your message is visible to anyone that visits. In addition, remember people are free to use nicknames and may not be who they say they are.

For that reason, always think twice before including:

your email address

your telephone number

your postal address

personal details like your mother's maiden name which may be used as a security check by banks

If you decide to meet anyone in person after chatting on the forum - even if it is someone you knew before - always:

meet in a public place

take a friend with you

tell a friend about the meeting

If you have any concerns about a message on the forum please use the Report Post link to let us know or email us at web@eveningstar.co.uk

FOR those keen to get in touch with former team mates our web publication of The Green 'Un is due to launch a new service - Team-mates Reunited.

Green Un publisher Mike Bacon said: “It's a Friends Reunited-type service but for people who played together in football teams. If someone has some old pictures of teams they played in, with a few details about when and where the photo was taken, we will put them on the Green'Un web site under the Team-mates Reunited section

“It's a chance for people to share memories, see old team pictures and maybe even meet up with old friends.”

Mike added: “The service will be starting soon, keep reading your Evening Star and Green'Un for further details.”

What do you think? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or send an e-mail to eveningstarletters@eveningstar.co.uk

IT'S great catching up with friends online, but nothing beats getting the news from back home from your local newspaper. While the Evening Star website brings you the pick of the stories from the printed product, we can't carry everything that appears in the paper.

That's where our e-edition comes in. It provides an exact copy of the newspaper on screen - you can even see the pages turn and hear them rustle!

It's available worldwide within minutes of the paper being published, without the hassle or expense of a postal subscription. And with the Green Un e-edition, you can get the full details of Ipswich Town's latest matches, together with all the non-league action from across Suffolk.

For more details visit http://www.eveningstar.co.uk/eedition or http://www.greenun.co.uk/eedition

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